You will be my . . . for life!

I love those few simple words, “You will be my . . . . for life!”  In my case, that could be Realtor or contractor.  Yesterday, it was contractor.  A very distressed client called with an electrical need.  He is an out of the area homeowner, and his tenant had no electricity on 50% of their second floor.

He had called another contractor first (from the Yellow Pages), and the estimate the guySurprised man gave him was stunning.  To look at the problem and assess it was $75 to show up and $500 to assess it.  When the client called and explained his previous estimate, I laughed.  It sounded a lot like someone was trying to get a few bucks for his next vacation.

We dropped in yesterday morning, and in 60 minutes we had everything working and we were on our way for $147.00.  When the wife called, she said, “So how much is the bill going to be?”  I asked what the previous estimate was and she told me.  Silence.  (I love a little suspense.)  I said, “Well, (silence) it’s not that much.”  When I told her, she burst into laughter.  I thought she was going to cry.

They had just had another company in for a repair that cost them in excess of $3000.  It was a $500 repair.  Some contractors love to take advantage of out of the area clients.  They’re easy game.  People need Realtors and contractors they can trust.

If you’re in the need of a reputable contractor for your home, call Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., and we’ll share our experience with local contractors.  We work with a lot of talented companies and we only recommend the best.  I love to hear those simple words,“You will be my . . . for life!”


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