Winchester, VA suffers major storm damage after powerful storm Friday

Winchester, VA was hit by a severe storm Friday evening.  High winds and driving rains combined to knock out power throughout the area.  The storm started close to 10:00 PM with violent winds that literally shook our house.  It felt a lot like the tornado winds I experienced in Tulsa, OK.

The city of Winchester looked a lot like a war zone today.  The trees down in the city made it was difficult to navigate portions of the area.  The two local power companies have been working around the clock to restore power.  Shenandoah Valley Cooperative announced today that some areas of the Winchester / Frederick County area may not see electricity for two to three days.

Comcast and Verizon both lost feeds throughout the area.  My Comcast Internet and TV feed was restored at approximately 8:00 pm this evening, nearly 24 hours after the storm.  Many major retailers were forced to stay closed today due to the power outages.

This was one for the local record books.  It moved through very quickly and left destruction in its wake, but the local folks are resilient.  Today, neighbors were out helping each other clear broken limbs and fallen trees from their properties.  People are sharing resources, and in no time you won’t even know that anything happened.


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