Winchester, VA Real Estate Sales Year in Review – 2016

Winchester, VA Real Estate Sales Year in Review – 2016

The Winchester, VA real estate market had a good year in 2016. Overall salesWinchester, VA Real Estate Sales Year in Review - 2016 were 1732, which is only 13 less than 2015. That’s less than a 1% pullback. It is consistent in a contentious election year to see sales slow down in the months leading up to election day. That happened in 2012, and it happened this year as well. The strength in the Winchester, VA real estate market can be seen in that pullback was minor. The 2013 market increased from the 2012 election year market by 11%. The 2011 market was behind the 2012 market by 6%, but it was also in the throes of the recession.

More positive signs

Another positive sign of a strong real estate market in Winchester, VA is the presence of distressed properties. The 2015 had 13% foreclosures and short sales, but the 2016 market has averaged 9% throughout the year. There were a few dips through the year to lower distressed property numbers, but most months averaged 9%. 

The Winchester – Frederick County, VA area is made up of Winchester City and numerous rural communities in Frederick County. Winchester City and seven of the rural communities made up the lion-share of sales in the Winchester – Frederick County, VA real estate market for 2016. The city (22601) had 354 sales, and the Frederick County, VA community of Stephens City (22655) carried 412. The county 22602 zip code brought in the largest number of sales at 539. The 22602 zip code in Frederick County is a sprawling area wrapping around much of Frederick County.

What sold?

Winchester, VA is a old VA community. Because of its location in the northern Shenandoah Valley since colonial times, it is prone to colonial home construction and sales. Colonials made 692 sales. Ranch homes sales were supported by 409 sales and townhouses were 232. The balance of sales were categorized as “other”.

The Winchester, VA housing market has gone through many changes since the 2008 housing collapse, but the current conditions show positive results for both buyers and sellers. Interest rates are still low, so it’s a great time to buy or sell.

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Winchester, VA Real Estate Sales Year in Review – 2016

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