Winchester, VA Real Estate – Real Estate Funnels

Winchester, VA Real Estate – Real Estate Funnels

The Winchester, VA real estate market is a lot like other rural real estate markets in that it operates on a funnel principle. In a funnel-shaped market you have different categories of buyers and sellers. They do tend to follow the same patterns, but they may not realize there is a counter-part on the other side of the deal that is reacting differently to a real estate opportunity.

Winchester, VA Real Estate – $50000 – $125000

In the Winchester, VA real estate market, the funnel starts with a large opening at the Winchester, VA Real Estate - Real Estate Funnelstop. That funnel is full of buyers who are qualified, or simply looking for properties in the lower price ranges. That can be anywhere from $50000 to $125000. In the $50K – $125K range, a lot of first time buyers, low-income buyers and down-sizing buyers are looking for homes. There are hundreds of buyers in this part of the funnel. The only problem is that there aren’t enough homes to meet the needs of this group. Competition can be fierce in this part of the funnel.

Winchester, VA Real Estate – $185000 – $225000

The next part of the funnel is the $185000 – $225000 range. This is an established group with some first-time buyers, but it is also a good place for move up buyers leaving the first part of the funnel. It will also catch some of the down-sizing buyers. This is a pretty active group and it can be very competitive too. There aren’t as many buyers and sellers as the first part of the funnel, but it is still a large group. This is a prime area for multi-contract battles.

Winchester, VA Real Estate – $335000 and beyond

In the third part of the funnel, the funnel begins to narrow more radically. This is the $225000 – $325000 range. It is still a good-sized body of buyers and sellers, but the numbers are getting smaller as the funnel gets smaller. It is still competitive, but it is not as competitive as the first two parts of the funnel. This part of the funnel can extend up to $400000. The gap between $325K to $400K is filled with less buyers and sellers, but it is still in a fairly active market area.

In the Winchester, VA real estate market, the funnel really narrows as the numbers cross $400000. There are less buyers and less sellers. Because the area has less buyers, sellers need to be aware that a property may sit on the market a little longer. That doesn’t make it a bad property, but there are fewer buyers to buy. That isn’t true in all markets. Some markets have much wider funnels for longer periods of time.

There are real estate funnels in every market. The numbers change depending on the capacity of buyers and sellers in each market. The one thing that doesn’t change is where the volume of buyers and sellers are in each funnel. The higher the price tag on a home, the fewer buyers and sellers there. The lower the price range, the higher the number of buyers and sellers.

Winchester, VA Real Estate – Real Estate Funnels