When you’re ready to compete in a competitive market, you need a team that knows how to win.

I entered the real estate field in 1992 as an investor. I was pretty aggressive when buying property, and I never failed to get one that I really wanted. I bought most with no money (I don’t promise that to my clients), and made sure that the negotiations were always win-win when it was a homeowner, but when it was an REO, all bets were off.

Most of my properties were in the Virginia Beach / Chesapeake / Richmond, VA areas. Very few were in my area. The interesting part of that is that when I entered the local real estate market as an agent, the local real estate investor sharks didn’t know me. That was to my advantage. All they knew was that I was a local real estate broker working with buyers. So, they paid no attention whatsoever, and that’s the way it is today.

I love it that way.  In the past four weeks, I’ve had multiple situations where my buyers were bidding against some pretty aggressive buyers.  In each case, my buyers asked what I would do. I explained to them that the bottom line is that it’s always their deal, but I have told each one what I would do if I was buying as an investor who was dealing with aggressive investors. In each case, they decided to go with my ideas, knowing there were no promises. We’ve gotten 100% of the 6 deals. Yesterday, I set up the 7th offer, but I won’t know on that one until next week.

This was why I got into the selling side of real estate. The average home-buyer doesn’t have a chance against a seasoned investor, but if they have a seasoned investor as their coach, they level the playing field. That’s one of the great advantages of using Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., as your buying agent. We know what we’re doing when the deals get tough, and our track record is a 20 year run of success. When you’re ready to compete in a competitive market, you need a team that knows how to win.


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