When technology gets an attitude . . .

I recently wrote a blog about my relationship with Apple’s iPhone personal assistant, Siri.  Siri has become a crucial part of my business life, and I lean on her a lot.  There is, however, another female voice in my life that I’m thinking of divorcing.  Her name is Mandy.

No, Mandy is not my wife.  Mandy is my GPS voice.  She has a lovely British GPSaccent, and she says things like “take the motorway” rather than “highway” and at first, I found that amusing and cute.  But, as with all relationships, there is the opportunity for tension and conflict.  Mandy and I have that kind of on again off again relationship.

When I program in a destination I expect simple directions and direct route.  Mandy often seems to think I want to take the scenic route. Sometimes she seems to think I know where I’m going.  In that case, why would I use her?  More than once she had dropped me off at the end of a road that was never completed.  My destination is a mile on the other side of a forest.

She does seem to get a bit testy when I miss a turn.  I can hear her now,

  • Turn right in 500 feet.
  • Turn right in 250 feet.
  • Turn right in 100 feet.
  • Turn right in 50 feet.
  • Hhhhhh, turn around as soon as possible.
  • Now, turn left in 100 feet.
  • Turn left in 50 feet.
  • Turn left.
  • I said turn left.  Turn left, turn left!
  • What is wrong with you?
  • Don’t you know your right from your left?
  • Fine. Find it on your own.

iPhone GPSMy GPS is a great part of my business life, but my iPhone “Maps” app is starting to give Mandy a run for her money.  I’m expecting Mandy to straighten up any time.  Or . . .



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