Wakeland Manor, Stephens City, VA Real Estate Market Report – 2017

Wakeland Manor, Stephens City, VA Real Estate Market Report – 2017

Wakeland Manor, Stephens City, VA is a unique neighborhood of old and new and different. It is made up of older homes from the early to late seventies and more recent construction. It also has a section of luxury townhouses that are spacious and attractive.

The townhouse area has its own playground, tennis courts and a basketball court. In the newer section of detached homes there is a swimming pool that is available to residents. The newer section also has a community center. There are few areas in the Winchester-Frederick County real estate market that match Wakeland Manor amenities.

Wakeland Manor, Stephens City, VA Real Estate Market: The good news

The Wakeland Manor real estate market has two markets running on parallel tracks. Wakeland Manor, Stephens City, VA Real Estate Market Report - 2017The townhouse complex constitutes one market and the detached homes covers the the other one. Even there, the older homes are a market unto themselves. When you look at the market as a whole, the average sale price for 2017 was $260,454. Remove the townhouses from that and the average sales price was $302,489. The townhouse average sales price for 2017 was $215,617.

There were 62 combined sales in 2017. The detached homes sales made up 32 of those sales. In the combined number, there were 4 distressed properties. Each parallel track had 2. In all areas of Wakeland Manor, the real estate recession of 2008 caused a substantial drop in home values.

The 2007 home average sales price was $299,280 compared to the $260,454 today. That is a 13% drop in value over that 10 year period, but that is in line with the broader Winchester-Frederick County, VA market. The average, market-wide, is still 12% below the 2007 market. When you consider that the overall market took a 37% hit in 2008-2009, the recovery is fighting its way back to the pre-recession values.

Wakeland Manor, Stephens City, VA Real Estate Market: Distressed Properties

The continuing improvement in the Wakeland Manor real estate market is also seen in the number of distressed properties. Distressed properties are short sales and foreclosures. Both types can hurt home values when the numbers are high. In 2013, the total number of distressed properties were 25% of total market sales in Wakeland Manor. When those sales, which tend to be lower, are factored into area property values, they tend to reduce property values on a broad scale.

The 2017 distressed property sales in Wakeland Manor were 6.5%. That is in line with the overall Winchester-Frederick County, VA real estate market. This is an area that has been showing signs of improvement since 2013. From 2010-2012, distressed properties averaged 30% in Wakeland Manor. From 2014-2017, distressed properties averaged 7.25%. That leaves 2013 as the last dismal month for distressed property sales. That’s a good sign of an improving neighborhood economy.

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