VHDA Homeowner Class – February 16, 2013 – Winchester, VA

VHDA Homeowner Class – February 16, 2013 – Winchester, VA

If you’re thinking about applying for a VHDA loan, you should consider the VHDA free home-ownership class.  The class is taught by experts in the fields of home-ownership, real estate, personal finance, credit, home inspection and real estate closings.  The next class in the Winchester, Virginia area will be held at office of the Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., at 1437 Front Royal Rd, Winchester, VA 22602, on February 16, 2013 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.  

During a VHDA home-ownership class, you will learn about the responsibilities that come with home-ownership.  You will also learn the value of a good to great credit score and how to achieve one.  You will learn the mechanics of applying for a home loan, and you learn how to get pre-approved for a home loan.  You’ll learn the importance of having a real estate professional working with you to help you get the best deal with the least hurdles.  You will also learn about the importance of having a having a home inspection to make sure the home of your dreams really is a dream and not a nightmare.

The VHDA home-ownership class will take you from the idea of owning a home right the mechanics of closing the deal.  For those attending a VHDA home-ownership course, there is the opportunity for mortgage assistance in the way of down-payment and closing cost assistance.  If home-ownership is out of reach because you lack the money for a down-payment or closing costs, then the VHDA home-ownership class is for you.

The VHDA free first-time homeowner class is free, but you’ve got to call today and reserve your spot.  Contact Lori Noakes at the Blue Ridge Housing Network, 540-622-2711.  Lori will guide you through the process, and we’ll see you Saturday, February 16 @ 10:00 am.  Sign up today. Space is limited.  You can also call the Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., office at 540-722-6029.


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