Texas Roadhouse is coming to Winchester, VA

Texas is coming to Winchester, VA.  Well, at least the Texas Roadhouse Texas Roadhouse Signis coming to Winchester, VA.  Texas Roadhouse has taken one of the last two spaces at Rutherford Crossing on the north end of Winchester.

The restaurant is best known for it’s affordable meals which highlight their hand-cut steaks.  Their side dished are made from scratch daily.  Texas Roadhouse is a causal dining restaurant with a lively atmosphere.

The Winchester location was picked because of the high volume of traffic that passes through the I81 corridor.  Interstate 81 passes through he eastern side of Winchester, VA.  It is a highly traveled interstate for north/south travelers.

The restaurant is scheduled to be opened at the end of October 2012, and it will hire around 170 positions.  There will be approximately 60% part-time jobs available, and the remaining 40% will be full-time.

Those individuals who would like to work with and for Texas Roadhouse should know that interviewing and hiring will start about two months prior to the opening.  Winchester, VA welcomes Texas Roadhouse to town.  We’re glad to have you, and thank you for bringing more good food and more good jobs to Winchester, VA.


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