Stay out of the home inspection weeds by hiring professionals.

Stay out of the home inspection weeds by hiring professionals. 

If I could offer a home seller any advice on dealing with home inspections, it would be to find a dependable professionals to handle specific repair needs. It will keep them out of the home inspection weeds. No one wants to spend more money on repairs than necessary, but the reality is, the repairs should have been done before listing the property.

Some home inspection repairs need professionals, and that’s for a good reason.

I’m working on a sale that had many home inspection issues that needed to be Stay out of the home inspection weeds by hiring professionals.addressed. I knew the seller had a handyman taking care of some things, and there are always some things that a handyman can handle. I always ask that certain repairs be taken care of by licensed professionals in that particular trade. The ones that concerns me the most are issues dealing with gas, water or electricity.

Obviously, water can destroy a home in a short time, but gas and electricity issues can kill someone in an instant. In those cases, a true qualified professional should be involved in the repairs. When I ask for repairs in those fields, I also ask for a copy of the technician’s tradesman license as part of the contract.

On the current sale, I followed that same pattern, and the seller assured me that his electrician is a licensed professional. He also sent me the gentleman’s name and license number. After I received notice that the repairs were complete, I went by to inspect the property. I’m not only a real estate broker, but I happen to be a licensed Master electrician and a state electrical contractor. It didn’t take long to realize that the person doing the repairs was not a professional, and personally, I have serious doubts that he really knows what he is doing at all.

Hiring professionals can cut home inspection drama and help the sale close.

After seeing the quality of the repairs done, I checked with our state licensing board to make sure the electrician was licensed. He is not. The technician had given the seller a state driver’s license number in lieu of a tradesman license. Of course, they are not the same.

Also, the seller sent me an email telling me why the repairs were done correctly, and that the electrician explained to him that I didn’t know what I was talking about. At that point, I had to explain to him that I have 40+ years in the electrical trade and I am a licensed electrical contractor, and I could promise him that I was correct. He suddenly became very nervous.

I requested that the repairs be completed today with the inclusion of a current tradesman license for the man doing the work. I know that can’t happen, but the seller doesn’t know that I’ve already investigated the technician and found him to be unlicensed. Our contract was very specific about who was allowed to do the repairs. The closing is set for three days from now, and there is a chance the buyer will postpone the closing until a qualified technician completes the repairs. The specific repairs are necessary because they do make portions of the house unsafe.

The seller could have avoided the drama and extra expenses at the end of the transaction if he had just stayed out of the weeds in the beginning. He appears deceptive with this repair, and that calls all the repairs into question. Do yourself a favor, when home inspection repairs become a part of the contract, hire professionals and avoid the last-minute drama and potential issues that this seller has invited into the sale.

Stay out of the home inspection weeds by hiring professionals.