Sorry to bother you, but . . .

This past week I had a gentleman call me about a property I have listed. Heapologized a dozen times for bothering me. I had to laugh because having a potential buyer call me is not a bother. It’s a blessing. I get a number of these calls throughout the year, and it just confirms that a lot of people don’t understand the Realtor/client relationship.

A Realtor is your partner in buying or selling. He/she is there to help you get the best deal humanly possible. That means they will do the research necessary to know what price to list your home or buy a home. You don’t want to list too high so that your property doesn’t sell, and you don’t want to pay too much for a home you’re buying. Your Realtor is your best resource to help you get the best deal.

Also, your Realtor is a wealth of knowledge about local markets and trends. If you’re unsure if it’s a good time to buy or sell, your Realtor can help you answer those questions. He/she should have his/her finger on the pulse of the local market.

Don’t worry about bothering your Realtor. He/she wants you to call when you have questions. That’s what they do. Pick up that phone and give your Realtora call today for all of your local market questions.


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