Some deals are like turning nightmares into dreams

I’ve been working with a wonderful couple since early June of this year.  We ended up together after they Cloud 9had a failed short sale contract on what they thought was the house of their dreams.  The deal fell through, and their hearts sank with it.  Some deals turn dreams into nightmares.

Well, tomorrow they close on a phenomenally better house that they are buying for less than the previous house.  It is also a short sale.  I was a little surprised that they even went down that path again, but I did explain to them that not every short sale goes the way their first attempt did, and they took plunge.

While doing the walk through this afternoon, I couldn’t help but smile watching the wife fighting back the temptation to burst into laughter.  She is so excited, and elated, and relieved and overwhlemed with emotion that all she can do is smile and laugh.

Watching her feel the pure joy of having her dream realized, and then seeing the twinkle in her husband’s eye as he watches her delight makes my job so much more fun. Some deals are like turning nightmares into dreams.   



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