Sellers, if you make your house hard to show, it will not sell.

Sellers, if you make your house hard to show, it will not sell. I have a client who is very interested in three properties in the center of Winchester. The company who has them listed requires 24 hours notice which is not a problem. Yesterday, I called early enough to get them on my showing list today. Sadly, you can only set appointments through the listing agent.

The listing agent didn’t answer the phone and didn’t return my call. Today, I called into the stick_figure_stuck_door_500_clr_6837 (1)same office about another house. Same thing. You’ve got to talk to the listing agent first, 24 hours notice (which was not in the listing) and you need to pick up the keys at the office. “Would you like to be transferred to his voice-mail?” “No, I’ll take it off my list.”

Twenty-six hours after my original call, and 2 hours after the requested showing time, I finally get a call. “Would you like to see that house today at 11:00?” Of course, it was after 1:00 pm then.  I think we missed the appointment, Sparky. “No thanks. We took it off our list.” It fascinates me that agents sound surprised when you say that.

The truth is, if you make a house hard to show, we won’t show it. Period. When I realized the same listing agent had all of the properties, I deleted them from my list. I’m not going to chase another agent around for days trying to get into a listing. I explained what had transpired to my client and she agreed we should skip them.

Sellers, if you, or your agent, make your house hard to show, we can’t show it. We would love to help you out and sell your home, but it’s simply not possible with so many restrictions. Make it easy to show, and have it in show condition all the time and we’ll do everything we can to get it sold for you.