Sell Your House With the Wow Factor

Sell Your House With the Wow Factor

I’ve shown a lot of houses recently, so it gets harder and harder to be wowed by a home. Like so many things, if you are inundated with them, they become mundane. After showing dozens of houses each week, they all seem the same unless there is something that sets them apart, and that something is what I call the Wow Factor. Sell your house with the wow factor

What is the Wow Factor?

For instance, when you list your house, there are certain things that contribute to the Wow Factor, such as:

Have your home clean.

A house that smells clean is a great place to start. Have a friend give you an honest assessment as to whether your home has a smell that is distinctly yours. If so, scrub the house top to bottom, paint, shampoo carpets and

Wow factor

Sell your house with the wow factor

remove or clean anything that is smelly in itself, like cat litter, dog beds, sports equipment, etc.

Bring in the light.

Light is one of your best friends when selling a house. The more light, the better. If you have dark drapes, always have them wide open. Be sure all areas are property lit. Have all light bulbs working. I encourage you to use LED lamps over other forms. They give a whiter light, costs less to run, come on instantly and they don’t get hot.

Kill the clutter.

Rent a storage container to house unnecessary items. Most people have things that can be stored and not missed for a few weeks. Make the home lived in, but not overly so.

Make is easy to see.
If you are living there while tying to sell, it will be a bit more of a challenge to make the home readily available at a moments notice. But remember, the harder it is to show, the longer you will have to put up with the challenges of keeping it in pristine condition. Expect to be encouraged to leave at the most inconvenient times. It will happen. I regularly ignore homes that have 12 – 24 hour wait times to show. Most clients are on a schedule, and that can be too far outside of their ability to view the property. Make it easy to show.
Make sure it is well appointed, but not overly so. 
What does that mean? Only keep things out and visible that need to be out and visible. A coffee pot on the counter is common, but a food processor, juicer, toaster, dishes in a drain rack and a host of there things might be overkill. Keep counters clean, clear and uncluttered. The same is true of every room in the house.
Keep personal items out of sight. 
Don’t leave mail on tables. Keep those areas free of personal items that buyers don’t need to see and shouldn’t see. 
Avoid artificial smells. 
No potpourri, air fresheners, incense, etc. Let the cleanliness of the home be the smell buyers are greeted with.
Always have fresh towels in the bathroom, keep the toilet seat down and make sure soaps on sinks are decorative and not used. 
A clean fresh smelling bathroom is a big plus. Dirty or wet towels hanging over the shower stall is a turn off. Make your bathrooms look like they are waiting for privileged guests in a high-end hotel, inviting and ready. 
Shine the floors. 
Beautiful hardwoods are a home-buyers dream come true. Shiny clean hardwoods are a step toward a contract. 

Most of my Wow Factor items relate back to cleanliness. Home buyers want to feel they are viewing the prized possession of the seller. Make sure you leave it that way for them every time you walk out the door. When you’re ready to sell, make sure to give your Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., real estate agent a call. We are your local real estate sales pros.

Sell Your House With the Wow Factor