Patriot Collision Center – Winchester, VA – Your Hometown Experts

My little Volvo is dent magnet.  I’ve got to quit saying that, because it has become a reality.  I’m one of those people who parks his car in another county in order to keep people from banging the doors, and yet, they still find it.  It’s got to be a conspiracy.  Fortunately, I have Patriot Collision Center to put the blue bucket back in shape when it gets dinged.

I had the privilege of meeting Larry Howard, the owner of Patriot Collision Center, a little over a year ago when he called about a real estate need.  Larry is a great guy.  I found him to be a solid, honest and up front businessman, and I immediately wanted to see how we could do business together.  Well, we have a real estate relationship, and now we have a auto repair relationship.

Patriot Collision Center was nominated for the Excellence Award through CarQuest.  The CarQuest award is based upon technical expertise, customer relations and industry involvement.

The mission statement for PCC “is to provide excellent craftsmanship and an experience that exceeds customer expectations.  Our mission is to also to build long-term relationship with our employees, customers and strategic partners to ensure a strong business model for years to come.”

At Patriot Collision Center, you can be sure your car is repaired by experienced professional technicians.  Customers are requested to fill out a customer survey at the conclusion of the repairs.  The customer survey is a resource tool the company uses to learn ways to enhance the quality of its work while meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

If you have a car damage issue, give Larry a call.  He will give you a thorough understanding of what your car needs to get it back to top share.  Some repairs may be hidden in the engine compartment in the event of a front end collision.  Patriot’s skilled staff will find every area of damage so you can have confidence that your car is 100% when you drive off the lot.


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