OK, Sandy, you’re not invited to Thanksgiving dinner!

OK, Sandy, you’re not invited to Thanksgiving dinner!

Sandy has come and gone, but she did leave a few things behind.  The Winchester/Frederick County area was soaked with rain most of Monday into Tuesday morning.  High winds and downed trees have been seen throughout the area.

Bad WeatherBoth Shenandoah Valley Electric Coop and Rappahannock Electric Coop had reported approximately 3000 customers without electricity as of 8:00 pm Monday night.  Many of those customers have had their power restored as of 9:00 am Tuesday morning.

The areas west and south of Winchester are looking at the possibility of snow Tuesday.  Most of that snow is expected to be concentrated in the Shenandoah and Warren County areas, but the mountains surrounding Winchester are not exempt at this point.  Current temperatures in the lower elevations are hovering around 39 degrees with the highs expected in the low forties.

Overall, the valley survived what could have been a major weather event.  Our friends to the east and further north took the brunt of Sandy’s wrath.  The impact of Sandy is still to learned locally, but it looks like life will be back to normal within a few days.  There are a lot of wet basements, downed trees and debris scattered around, but there are no current reports of lives lost.  That makes us incredibly blessed


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