Mark Peter Lynch, your Winchester Virginia Lending Superstar

Having a good team behind you is half the battle in business.  As your business grows, it becomes imperative to have others who can help shoulder the load and keep the momentum building. In real estate, that is not only a solid agent staff and assistants, but it also includes lenders and closers.

One of my favorite go-to people is my preferred lender, Mark Peter Lynch of Residential Mortgage Services. Mark and I have worked together for about six years now, and I can honestly say, Mark shows his superstar status again and again.

In late August, a closing I had scheduled was thrown off course when Wells Fargo withdrew their loan approval. It wasn’t because my client wasn’t qualified, but rather, it was because the investor/homeowner ratio on a condo complex exceeded their ratio limit. Right before closing, I learned that the loan was not going to go through and my client was left adrift.

The client had secured his own financing before our first meeting, so it was a done deal when we found a home for him to buy. As soon as I heard of the Wells Fargo debacle, I called Mark. Once I explained the dilemma my client was in, Mark assured me that he could get it done.

Not only did he get it done, but he got it done in record time. A little over two weeks from that Wells Fargo failure, my client is going to closing. If you are in the market for home financing or a refinance, contact Mark Peter Lynch at Residential Mortgage Services (540-664-4700). Mark is a man of integrity and skill. He will make things happen, and he will do it with finesse.

Mark Peter Lynch, your Winchester Virginia Lending Superstar