Listing your Winchester – Frederick County, VA Home

Listing Your Winchester – Frederick County, VA Home

When listing your Winchester – Frederick County, VA home, be sure to follow these simple guidelines to get the highest return and the smoothest transaction.

When Listing Your Winchester – Frederick County, VA Home: Remove yourself emotionally.

I know, it’s your home. You put a lot of love and effort into it and you want others to feel the Listing your Winchester - Frederick County, VA Homesame way. I appreciate that, but the truth is, buyers don’t care. They really don’t. They’re not buying your experience, they’re buying their own experience.

Remember, your house is just a building. When you’re gone, it reverts back to a house. I urge my clients to never fall in love with anything that can’t love them back. Recently, I sold the house I grew up in. There were thousands of memories in that house, but once my parents were no longer there, it was just a box with bedrooms. The real treasure at that place was the people who resided there. Once they were gone, the lure of all of those memories was gone.

Divorce yourself from your memories. It will be tough, but you’ll be able to make more rational decisions on price, condition and timelines. It really will benefit you overall. And, when you’ve settled into your new home, you can start building those memories all over.

When Listing Your Winchester – Frederick County, VA Home: Make the most valuable preparations to sell, and avoid the most costly and unprofitable ones.

I once had a client who wanted to put a pool in before listing his home. Why? A pool creates a funnel effect on potential buyers. A high number of buyers don’t want a pool, and the small number who would, may not be in the market when you list. No, use your time and money on things that really do profit you in the sale.

  • Paint
  • Update the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Make sure the flooring is in excellent shape.
  • Clean out the closets, basement, storage areas.
  • Make sure the house smells clean – no deodorizers, incense or perfumes.
  • Light it up – make sure the windows let in lots of light and have the lights on for would-be buyers.
  • Make it inviting.

When Listing Your Winchester – Frederick County, VA Home: Be ready to negotiate.

In today’s Winchester – Frederick County, VA real estate market, sellers are in charge. That’s a good sign, but buyers still remember the discounts of the recession. So, they are coming into your home expecting to get a better deal than list. That’s OK. That’s human nature.

Listing your Winchester - Frederick County, VA HomeDon’t be offended by a lower than list offer. Negotiate. I always ask sellers what their magic number is when I interview for a listing. If the number far exceeds the market, I turn down the listing and move on. There is no sense to plant signs like flowers all over town if there is no way to sell the home.

On the other hand, if the seller is open to reason, data and reality, I’ll gladly take the listing. I’m in the home selling business. My goal is to get my client the best deal possible. That isn’t possible if the client has unrealistic expectations. If a property is on the market for six months to a year, something is wrong. It’s going to fall into one or more categories, such as:

  • Poor condition – Remedy that before listing.
  • It is too cluttered to really see well.
  • It’s in a poor location. Or, the neighbors make it a poor location.
  • It is hard to show. Limited showing times limit the buyer pool.
  • It is on a rough and winding road. I’ve had this struggle multiple times this year alone.
  • It’s over-priced.

That last point is a high hurdle to overcome. A great house that is overpriced struggles to get attention. I’ve seen a few wonderful homes sit for years because a seller had an incredible number in mind that didn’t match local sales. One seller asked me to list her home, and when I asked what her magic number was, she said, “$675,000.” I laughed and then realized she was serious. Needless to say, I didn’t get the listing. She also didn’t get the price.

Sadly, I told her it would likely sell for $275,000, which mortified her. I had sold the house next door the prior year, and I had a good idea of where the market was. After three years of languishing on the market, it sold for, you guessed it, $275,000. The listing number has to be realistic to attract buyers.

There are many more things a seller can do to sell quickly and for top dollar, but this is a great jump off point. When you’re thinking about listing your Winchester – Frederick County, VA home, give Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., a call. We are your local real estate sales pros. We’ll do everything possible to get you the best deal.

Listing Your Winchester – Frederick County, VA Home