In the eyes of a child . . .

In the eyes of a child . . . 

Most days in real estate are pretty similar.  There are the typical events that each deal goes through, and for the most part, it’s pretty routine.  I did an open house Saturday, and then I had to race back to town to meet a new client.  The new client was a nice family of 5.  There was the mom and dad and two little boys and a very petite little girl.

While we were looking at the house the kids were deciding who would get which room.  They staked out their territory, and they carried their choices to mom and dad.  It was very much the norm.  When we were leaving the second floor, everyone has headed down the stairs except for the little girl and me.  I stepped onto the top step, and the little girl was following along behind.  Then I felt this little hand insert itself in mine and grab on.  She looked up and smiled knowing that I would help her navigate the long staircase, and I smiled back and she knew she was safe.  It was a precious moment.


In the hustle-bustle of the sales world, it’s easy to forget the benefactors of our craft.  A home should provide a sense of safety and security for the little ones in our lives, and Miley’s gesture just reinforced that.  With that simple gesture, she let me know that she trusted me with her safety.  Home-buyers and home-sellers do that everyday.  They entrust us with one of their biggest life choices.  That trust should be the motivation each of us needs to do a world class job with each and every client.  They are trusting us with their futures, and we should handle them with great care.

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