I will treat my clients like my kids. Read on . . .

I had one of those surreal experiences today.  I took my youngest son out looking for a rental.  Like all parents, I knew the day would come when the boys would move out, but in the busyness that is my life, I ignored the impending change in his life and in my life.

Like a dad looking at a son or daughter’s first car, looking for that first rental isFor rent personal with me.  I want to be there looking over every inch of the place to make sure it’s up to my standards so my son will not have to compromise on quality and comfort.  But, at the end of the day, it will be his choice.

That made me think about the other clients I have.  Do I take the extra effort to make sure my clients get the best house at the best price possible?  I can say a resounding, “YES!”  I tend to protect my client’s like a pit bull with a bad attitude.  Ferocious.

My experience as a Virginia contractor and a local broker give me a unique role in my clients lives.  I know good construction, and I know remuddling.  I can see things in a house they may not see as problems or advantages.

I will direct their attention to things I think should disqualify a house from purchase.  They know I will stick with them until we find the right house at the right price.  I had a client last year that I met at the door of a showing and I said, “This is not the house for you.”  We turned around and went on to the next house.  She didn’t even want to look inside.

We finally found an amazing house for her, and she is extremely happy with her purchase.  Ironically, I inserted myself into her choices a few times and encouraged her away from some purchases.  She would say, “I can live with that,” or “I can have that fixed.”  My response was always the same.  “Why would you want to settle when you could do better?”

Thumbs upShe was convinced that she couldn’t find the perfect house, but I wasn’t.  Eventually, we did.  It took a lot of months.  I sold multiple houses to others in the process, but I didn’t want to see her settle for something that was less than right for her.  She was a busy professional with little resources and little time to do home repairs.  She couldn’t afford to settle.  She didn’t, and it has turned out to be a huge blessing in her life.

So, as I set out to help my son find his first house, I promise that I will not let him rent a house that is not the best choice for him.  I will do everything in my power to help him find the perfect house at the perfect price, and we will.  I promise, I will treat him like my average customer. 


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