I except all of our team to exceed expectations.

I except all of our team to exceed expectations. 

When I started Cornerstone, I started to take on a bunch of Realtors from the former office I worked in that had closed, and then I realized that most of those agents didn’t do anything then, why would that change now? So, I decided to go it alone.

I had an opportunity to start a real estate school late last year.  With that school, I realized that I could pick and choose the talent I wanted to attract, and that is what I’ve done.  My goal with bringing on new agents is to build superstars.  I don’t need a wall of agent licenses hanging in my office, but I am more than happy to see agents come on board who are going to shake up the local real estate market and succeed.

Recently, I brought on the first of those agents. There will be more, but Adam Martin is the first. I expect to see Adam become a top producer over the next year.  I believe Adam, and all of those who will link with me and Cornerstone will be exceptional.  The following video is where I know all of our will team go. Enjoy, and excel.

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