I am officially certified. That’s not certifiable, but rather, certified.

I am officially certified.  That’s not certifiable, but rather, certified.  I did my bi-annual CPR certification renewal today.  The renewal is always full of new information relating to the latest trends in CPR delivery, and today was no different.

CPR is one of those things that most of us in the class hope we never have to do.  Ironically, of the four of us there, two have been called upon to deliver CPR twice, and one of guys has done it twice himself.  So, it’s better to be prepared than hopeless if a situation erupts.

There is one part of the class that a couple of us always hate to see coming.  We don’t like to see the CPRchild and infant section.  It’s one of those areas that every parent dreads happening, but it happens.  So, it’s better to be prepared than not.

When my older son was in his first two years we had an incident.  We were traveling back from a trip down south and about 50 miles from home, he started choking.  As soon as I heard the sound, I stopped the van, jumped out and ran around to his side.  I jerked open the door, pulled him out of his car seat and dropped him across my forearm, the item dislodged and he was fine.

It seemed like a hour went by, but it was probably less than a minute.  It was at that point, that I decided I would never let my CPR certification expire because the training paid a dividend that was very valuable to me.  It was so natural.  I acted as fluidly as if I did it all the time, and yet, looking back I realize that there was no emotion, no hesitation, no confusion, just action.

That’s what happens when you train and train and train.  When the event you’ve trained for happens, you act on instinct.  I would encourage you to get CPR certified or renew your certification if yours has lapsed, because you never know when you might need it, and it might be for someone you love.


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