Happy Memorial Day from a grateful nation

Today, we celebrate Memorial Day.  I never come upon this day without thinking about the great cost of our freedom.  When you travel abroad, you soon learn that the United States is unique in so many ways.  Our uniqueness is the result of the great freedom we enjoy.

Our freedom gives us the ability to create, to invent, to do and to dream, to write and to speak, to debate and to disagree.  It gives us the choice to live where we chose, to work in a job we seek after and to spend our money on things we determine and desire.  It is a freedom with few restrictions, but it carries great responsibility.

This freedom, that is so freely given to everyone born on our shores, is not free.  It has costs many of our brave sons and daughters the ultimate price.  They willingly sacrificed their all for unseen and unknown neighbors of this great country, and to them we say, “Thank you.”


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