Front Royal, VA Real Estate Market Update for June 2015

The Front Royal, VA real estate market had a slight pullback in June 2015 fromthe previous month. The drop in sales was 6.5% which sounds significant until you realize it was only 3 less homes sold month to month. June home sales were 43, while May was 46.

The market shows higher distressed property sales compared to its northern neighbors in Winchester / Frederick County. VA. The June distressed sales (short sales and foreclosures) made up 16.3% (4/3) of total sales. May distressed sales were up slightly at 17.4% (2/6). The low number of overall sales make the distressed property sales less significant.

The Front Royal, VA real estate market appears to be creeping along on its own recovery schedule. The June 2015 sales were up 25% from April 2015 but the 6.5% pullback from May 2015 shows a sluggish market that is moving more horizontal than vertical. The next six months will help determine if Front Royal has truly turned the recovery corner or if it is still suffering from the September 2008 real estate market blues.