Cornerstone Business Group is your foreclosure sales pro in Winchester, VA

Foreclosures can be hard to navigate at times.  Ironically, they are one of the primary sources of sales for Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., in Winchester, VA. We have mastered the art of listing, preparing and selling foreclosures for the past 9 years, and we’ve had 100% success with every one we’ve ever been in contact with.

Foreclosures become known as REOs (real estate owned) when they have gone through the process of foreclosure and are back in the bank’s hands.  They can be tough for a first-time home-buyer, but that is no reason to ignore them.  An REO can be a great buy for any buyer, but for a first time buyer an REO might just be a much bigger or accommodating home than a fair market buy.Black Friday is also for houses.

Not all REOs are deeply discounted, but many are discounted enough to make them attractive.  With the guidance of a well experienced Cornerstone agent, you might just find the home of your dreams.  So, don’t forget to include REOs in your home search, and when you’re ready to look, contact your real estate pros at Cornerstone Business Group, Inc.


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