When Buying a Winchester, VA Home, You Have a Lot of Options

Buying a Winchester, VA Home

When buying a Winchester, VA home, you have a lot of options. Winchester, VA is a buying a winchester, va homecommunity filled with history. From Daniel Morgan, the Revolutionary War hero, to Admiral Byrd, the North Pole explorer, and the Civil War. We’ve got history.

You can buy a historic piece of property, or you can buy a new build from one of the many modern subdivisions circling the city. Homes date back as far as the 1700s up to today. There are many vintage 1800 era homes that stood through the Civil War. Many buildings of that time have been restored. Some are homes, some museums, and some are businesses, but they are all part of our history.

When buying a Winchester, VA home, you’ll find that you get more for the money.

The average price when you’re buying a Winchester, VA home is $255,000. There are homes higher and lower, but the average price is a comfortable place for many home-buyers. The Winchester, VA area has been cited in Kiplinger’s magazine and the AARP magazine as a top place to retire. The cost of living is lower than many of the surrounding areas. Housing, groceries, taxes and many other costs of living expenses are lower in Winchester, VA.

Winchester, VA is also a great place to buy because of its proximity to other areas. Just an hour from Washington, DC, it is a quick ride to a concert, play or other event. It lies in the middle of many highways. Routes 7, 11, 50, 522 and Interstate 81 all pass through Winchester, VA. The volume of highways make the Winchester, VA area a prime area for industry and business. Many national companies make their home in Winchester, VA. They provide jobs and products for the residents.

Winchester, VA is also home of Valley Health and the Winchester Medical Center. The Winchester Medical Center is one of the top medical facilities in northern Virginia. Shenandoah University has a campus at the medical center training students in the PA program (Physician’s Assistant), PT (Physical Therapy), nursing and a pharmacy school. Winchester, VA has a lot of offer.

When you’re buying (or selling) a Winchester, VA home, make sure to call your Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., real estate agent a call. We are your local real estate sales pros.

Buying a Winchester, VA Home