Buy with Cornerstone and We’ll Pay for Your Home Inspection Report

 Buy with Cornerstone and We’ll Pay for Your Home Inspection Report

When you buy with Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., we’ll pay for your home inspection report(*certain conditions apply). That’s right. A home inspection is a critical part of a home sale. A home inspection checks the systems in a home. That will include the electrical, plumbing and heating & cooling systems. Home inspectors also check the roof, foundation and overall construction.

All inspectors who work with Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., also check all appliances, water heater, water softener (if there is one) and crawl and attic spaces. They check the home’s insulation, exterior door seals and if the windows open and close properly.

Home Inspection Report: The process

Buy with Cornerstone and We'll Pay for Your Home Inspection ReportA lot goes on during a home inspection, and every buyer should have one before completing a home purchase. After a contract offer is accepted by both sides, the home inspection is scheduled. It typically happens within 10-14 days after ratification. It is always a good idea for a buyer to attend the home inspection. When the inspection is complete, the buyer has the option to ask for repairs, to accept the home as-is, or the buyer may walk away from the deal if the report shows things the buyer is not willing to accept.

Negotiating the report

If the buyer chooses to stay in the deal, the buyer and the buyer’s agent may create a Home Inspection Removal Addendum if there are repairs that need to be negotiated. At that point, the seller can accept the repair request, accept some of the requests or the seller may walk away from the deal. Most of the time, the buyer and seller come to an agreement for some, or all, of the repairs to be done. On occasion, no repairs are made. No matter what, both sides need to agree in writing.

If home inspection repairs are done, a buyer may want to have them re-inspected to make sure they were done correctly. The seller will give paperwork to the buyer’s agent or closing agent to confirm that the repairs have been paid for and nothing is hanging at closing. On occasion, the repairs will be paid at closing from the seller’s proceeds. Regardless, the buyer should confirm that the repairs are complete and done correctly before closing.

If you buy through Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., *we’ll pay for your home inspection report on any property that goes to closing and is priced at or above $250,000. Home inspections are paid at the time of the service, and they typically cost $325-$500. You can avoid that out-of-pocket expense with Cornerstone. When you’re ready to buy, give Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., a call. We are your local real estate sales pros.


*The property must go to closing, and the sale price must be at or above $250,000. This applies to one sale and one closing at a time. If the sale collapses prior to closing, the buyer will be responsible for the home inspection costs.