Are you kidding me?

I’m seeing a strange phenomenon in the local market that makes me ask, “Are you kidding me?.  I’ve had two people try to bribe me or give me Sneaky mankickbacks recently.  The first one was an investor who wanted me to give him early access to an REO I was about to list.  He offered me an additional $10,000 outside of closing for first dibs on the property.

The second one was a contractor I had sent a project on a property I sold.  He’s a really good contractor who is very skillful.  He called me and asked how much I wanted him to pad his bill for my portion.  I said, “None.”  He was shocked.  He said, “You don’t want anything from this job?”  I told him, “No, just give my clients a good deal.”

This made me wonder, “How much of this goes on day to day?  How many agents violate the COE to get a few more bucks at the end of the week?”  These guys were so casual, it made me wonder if they were accustomed to this pattern.

Friends, as a Realtor, you cannot receive any additional income on a deal from any source beyond your broker.  If you take a kickback for giving a contractor a project, you are in jeopardy of losing your license.  It’s never worth it, and please do your clients a favor and keep it above board all the way through the deal.

Are you kidding me?


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