Winchester, VA Real Estate Market Update – November 2015

The Winchester, VA real estate market made its typical seasonal adjustment in Nov 2015 ChartNovember 2015. The total number of homes sold was 111 with 16.3% of them being distressed properties (foreclosures and short sales). The distressed sales were down .3% from the same period in 2014. The numbers show a consistent pattern year to year.

The only concern in the numbers from October to November 2015 is a 29% drop is overall sales. In 2014, there was also a drop, but it was only 13% showing a consistent seasonal change. What accounts for the 16% difference year to year? It may come back to inventory.

There are currently 735 homes available on the Winchester, VA real estate market. That number is still higher than a stronger local market would have. Excess inventory can create a small shift in the number of days buyers have to buy which creates a big difference in the number of homes sold. Homes are sitting on the market an average of 14 days longer than the same period just a year ago. Two weeks during a season where the weather is changing daily and daylight is limited can add up to less sales and longer days on the market. At this point, the market is following a consistent pattern with a few exceptions.



Winchester, VA Real Estate Market Update – September 2015

The Winchester / Frederick County, VA real estate market saw 150 sales in September 2015. Of those sales, 12% were distressed property sales. Six sales were short sales and 12 sales were foreclosures. The September number of total sales was down 17 sales from August, but that is consistent with the 2014 numbers. In 2014, September sales were 129 with a 13% distressed property sales.

The distressed property sales were up 3% from the previous 8 months, but the September 2015 number is consistent with the 2014 number. The Summer of 2013-2015 have followed similar patterns in the number of properties listed, sold and how many were distressed properties. The market appears to have found its equilibrium. There were no major market shifts through the end of the third quarter.

The Winchester / Frederick County, VA real estate market has settled into a consistent pattern that agents, buyers and sellers can use to make market decisions. The ebb and flow of the local real estate market has been basically the same for three years. That should bring some comfort to homeowners who are thinking of making a real estate move figure_house_shopping_1600_clr_2083in the final quarter of 2015.

There is more good news for fourth quarter buyers. RealtyTrac recently released a study based on 32 million home sales over the past 15 years. They found that October is the best month to buy a home, followed by February, December and January. Monday and Friday were the best days of the week to buy, and October 8 is the single best day of the year to purchase a home. Buyers should not let cooler temperatures keep them from fulfilling their home buying dreams. They may just get a better deal in the Fall and Winter months. When that days rolls around, give your Cornerstone agent a call. We are your local real estate sales pros.


Kipliner’s Personal Finance: Winchester, VA one of the 10 Great Places to Retire

I’ve always been proud of my community, and it’s nice to see others point tothe benefits of living in Winchester, VA. The August 2015 copy of Kiplinger’s magazine features Winchester, VA as one of the top 10 Great Places to Retire.

Many of my clients are soon-to-be retirees who come to find a bargain home in Winchester. I just spend a few days with a couple from Massachusetts. Before them, a couple drove in from Chicago. A Tennessean couple preceded them. It’s not just the low taxes that draw them in, but it’s an array of things.

Winchester, VA is 70 miles west of Washington, DC. It’s a commuter’s paradise, and for those who like to attend professional sporting events, we’re right next door to the home of the Nationals, Orioles, Redskins, Caps, Wizards, Mystics and D.C. United. If you like to compete, the Marie Corp Marathon is just down the road. The Shenandoah Valley also offers numerous triathlon and marathon opportunities along with mountain and road biking events.

The Kennedy Center is close by for entertaining, but in Winchester, the Shenandoah University offers a wide variety of music and theater options, and they are Broadway quality. The Summer Theater program entertains the community with outstanding productions of classic and modern musicals. I have never been disappointed. The student body is an extraordinarily talented group of soon to be professionals.

The cost of living in Winchester, VA is lower than many of her eastern neighbors. One of the areas that is most evident is real estate taxes. I’ve been shocked at the real estate taxes many of my buyers pay in their current communities. The most recent one was a whopping $900 a month real estate tax on his current home. The home he is buying will have a tax liability of $1041 per year. That’s a $9759 yearly savings. It’s like getting a raise.

The downtown walking mall hosts 30+ restaurants along with art galleries and specialty shops. It has been one of the most highly sought after areas for housing in Winchester. The street is lined with businesses with apartments over-top overlooking the variety of events that take place below. It’s a continually evolving world of fun.

Kiplinger got it right. Winchester, VA is a great place to retire to, and it’s getting better every year, but it’s also a great place to live for any age group. When you’re ready to starting look for housing in the Winchester, VA area, be sure to call your Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., real estate professionals. We are your local real estate sales pros.

Kipliner’s Personal Finance: Winchester, VA one of the 10 Great Places to Retire

Advice to Graduates . . .

It’s graduation time, and students all over the United States will be walking the final leg of one of their greatest accomplishments.  But, it’s really only the end of the beginning.  School, whether it is high school or college is really a time of incubation.  During that time, material, much like breakfast, lunch and dinner is fed to students.  They can choose to consume it, or they can skip a meal here and there, but regardless, the meals are on the table.  The amount of nutrition derived from those meals will be determined by the nutritional content of the offerings.

Not all food is worthy to be consumed.  Our national obesity challenge is evidence that there is a lot of low quality nutrition out there.  Those who recognize that and choose to seek out more nutritious food groups feel better, tend to be more healthy and may even live longer.  It’s all about the quality of the food consumed.

The same is true of academics.  Not all academics are nutritious.  Some teachers and professors wow their students with their great knowledge and insight.  They have an inner drive to see the students succeed and to become productive citizens of the world.  Others, have a personal agenda that is played out in the classroom day after day.  In their immaturity, some students may not be able to see the difference, but their next steps in life will reveal what type of academic meals they’ve consumed.

My advice to this graduating class is this:

  • Realize that your parents may be the only ones in life that think you’re really special.  You will have to earn your own way with the rest of us.  There are no trophies for showing up in the game of life.
  • Don’t assume the world owes you anything.  It doesn’t, but that’s OK.  That’s how it is for all of us.
  • No matter how you grew up, the only limits on you will be the ones you impose.  Once you cross that threshold into adulthood, it’s time to start taking responsibility for what your life will be.  A lot of us grew up in less than ideal situations.  It happens.  Some of us had horrific childhoods.  They were psychological nightmares.  Some of us had amazing childhoods.  Regardless of which childhood you had, you have a choice to walk away from the pains of the past or to let them dictate your future.  Your ability to have an amazing life really is within the choices you will make.
  • Your ability to succeed has nothing to do with your race, sex, religion, fiscal condition or nationality.  You can choose to blame those things for your struggles, or you can face your struggles head on and overcome them.
  • Wisdom is the effective use of knowledge.  You will gain it over time, but wisdom is something that only comes with time. You may not start out at the top of your profession.  That’s to protect the rest of us because you’re not ready to be at the top.  You need experience.  With your daily experience will come greater knowledge and seasoned wisdom.  Everyone pays his dues.  Pay them gladly, and over time, you will be at the top of your profession.
  • If you are willing to settle for anything, settle for 100% effort from yourself.  Some employers will see it and reward you for it.  Other employers will ignore it.  Regardless, a life of 100% effort gets rewarded in high self-esteem, a sense of a healthy pride and eventually the role that you want to play. If you have an employer that doesn’t appreciate you, learn everything you can while you’re there and then take that experience and knowledge on to the next job with a great employer.  You may have to go through two or three before you find that perfect job, but it’s out there.  Practice giving 100% even when it’s hard.
  • There will always be people along the way who will be willing to help you.  Pay attention so you don’t miss them.  They may come from some unfamiliar sources, but they’re out there.  Appreciate them, glean their wisdom and experience and then pass it on to another in their time of need.
  • Limit your exposure to people who only take from you.  There are two types of people in the world: takers and givers.  Takers seldom give, and givers seldom take.  You need to keep the ratio of takers and givers way out of balance on the givers side.  Then, you’ll have the strength to potentially help a few takers, but don’t be afraid to cut them loose either.
  • If you have a dream, hold on to it.  Let it be the motivating force behind every step you take.  Don’t let your dreams go just because it doesn’t happen overnight.  Remember wisdom comes with knowledge.  Those weeks, months or years leading up to the fulfillment of your dreams are your training time.  Appreciate them for what they bring to your life experience.
  • Have fun along the way.  Being motivated to accomplish something can be all consuming.  Don’t miss out on the fun in life.  Have fun.  Be a faithful friend.  Honor your parents.  Lift up the weary.  Find an outlet for your energies that are not work related.  Fill your mind with healthy thoughts and ideas.  Learn to relax and play.  Take a day off.  Eat nutritious food and sleep a good night’s sleep.  Take care of your body.  You’re no good to yourself, your employer/employees or your dreams if you adopt an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Listen to your conscience.  Your conscience is the voice of your soul.  Some may call it your gut, but no matter, listen to it.  It will try to direct you into right decisions and productive paths.  Every opportunity may not be right for you.  Always allow time before making major decisions.  It may only be minutes, but allow time for your conscience to speak to you.
  • Do something that benefits others.  One of the greatest joys you will have in life is doing things that benefit others who have no way of repaying you.  Humble yourself and reach out to those who need you.

It’s time to launch out into the real world.  The academic environment really isn’t the real world.  It’s just the incubator you are hatched from.  Look back on it realistically and take the good, leave the bad and do something that inspires the world.