6 Ways to NOT Sell Your Home

6 Ways to NOT Sell Your Home

There are many ways to make sure you sell your home, but here are my 6 ways to NOT sell your home. That’s right. If you want to make sure your home never sells, there are easy ways to do that. Here are the most common 6 ways to NOT sell your home that I see regularly.

Never listen to your Realtor. Talk to all of your friends, family members and co-workers who have sold homes in the past, think back on the home you sold 10 years ago, read blogs from people who have sold homes and completely ignore the advice of a seasoned real estate professional who sells homes everyday, who knows the market inside-out, and who keeps up with the latest market trends.

Don’t worry about cleaning your house. Give it that lived in look and feel. Leave the 6 Ways to NOT Sell Your Homecounters covered with stuff. Let the trash run over. Leave the potty lid up. Throw your clothes on the bedroom floor. Don’t dust, sweep or mop. People can imagine living there without that extra effort on your part.

Make it hard to show. Buyers are flexible. So what if the showing schedule is from 10-2 on Saturday only? It’s worth it. I actually saw that recently. The listing showing schedule was one day a week with a four-hour window, and it required a 24 hour notice.

Leave your aggressive dog loose in the house. Everybody loves dogs, right? He’s more bark than bite. And while you’re leaving the aggressive dog loose in the house, be sure to ignore the litter box. People love kitties. Facebook proves that. They won’t mind.

Don’t make repairs, paint or upgrade anything. After all, buyers are just going to paint when they move in, and they fork over the big bucks for granite counters and new appliances. Besides, they probably have their own appliances already.

List it for 40% more than any similar house in your market. You know quality, and your house is top of the line. Buyers will be happy to pay more than the appraisal because it is just that good.

Now, of course I’m being facetious, but you get the point. If there were 6 ways not to sell your home, you’d want to do the opposite. Before you list, you may consider taking a look at a few listed homes to see what others have done to make their homes more appealing to the buying public.

And above all else, call the Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., to get your home listed and sold. We are your local real estate sales pros.

6 Ways to NOT Sell Your Home