The Ravens, Winchester, VA Mid-Year Real Estate Report – 2016

The Ravens, Winchester, VA Mid-Year Real Estate Report – 2016

The Ravens, in Winchester, VA is having a good real estate year. The Ravens is made The Ravensup of two communities, Raven Wing, and the newer, Raven Pointe. Both areas are highly desirable neighborhoods in the Winchester real estate market. They are sandwiched between Senseny Road, which runs east/west on the eastern side of Winchester, and Rt 50 East. The neighborhood provides commuter friendly homes in a wonderfully manicured and tranquil setting. The neighborhood is just minutes from the Winchester City limits, and offer quick access to shopping, schools and multiple major highways.

Sales in first six months in the Ravens

The RavensIn the first six months of 2016, The Ravens only had 3 sales. That’s not many, but that tells you how much the residents love their homes. They rarely move, and because of that, new listings are scarce. Available listings are scooped up quickly. Of the three sold in the first half of 2016, two sold for 100% of their list price and the third one sold for 96.4% of list.

That shows that Ravens homes hold their value and sell at the top of the market. There is some new construction taking place in the Raven Pointe section. Raven Wing is mostly complete, but a few lots are available for those who would love to have a new home and not a previously owned home.

Available listings

Much like the sales, available properties in the Ravens only number at three. Raven The RavensWing and Raven Pointe are made up of spacious colonial homes and similarly sized single story homes. Most homes have basements, garages and large yards.

The community has a new upscale feel with beautiful landscaping and wide sidewalks throughout the neighborhood. It is a common thing to see neighbors walking for exercise and leisure throughout the day. There are many side-streets where traffic is low and children play freely without concerns of motor vehicles.

If you are moving to Winchester, VA, or if you are looking to move up to a new home in The Ravens, be sure to give your Cornerstone Business Group, Inc. agent a call. We are you local real estate sales pros.

The Ravens, Winchester, VA Mid-Year Real Estate Report – 2016



Canter Estates, Stephens City, VA Mid-Year Real Estate Update – 2016

Canter Estates, Stephens City, VA Mid-Year Real Estate Update – 2016

Canter Estates of Stephens City, VA had a great mid-year real estate market report. The Canter Estates Signupdate is showing the neighborhood has a strong and healthy real estate market. The 15+ year old neighborhood is south of Winchester, VA and west off Rt 522 South. It is a highly desirable neighborhood, and it has been since the first foundation was dug.

The neighborhood is made up of mostly colonial style homes, but there are single story homes as well. The streets are lined with wonderfully wide sidewalks, and it’s a common thing to see families strolling along throughout the quiet neighborhood all times of the day.

The Canter Estates numbers tell the story

During the first six months of 2016, Canter Estates boasted of 15 sales. Of those sales, the average sale price was $305,443,the average days on the market was 24 days, and the properties sold at a sale price at 97.73% of list.

There are 6 available listings in the neighborhood, and four more properties are pending.  The average list price is $320,117, and the average of the pending sales is $286,100.

Canter Estates is part of the Stephens City, VA real estate market

The Stephens City, VA real estate market is the top producing market in the Winchester – Frederick County, VA area. Stephens City rests just south of Winchester City. It is nestled in between Rt 11, 277, Interstate 81, and it is just minutes from Rt 522, Rt 66, Rt 7 and Rt 50.

Canter Estates is a beautifully manicured neighborhood east of Stephens City, VA. It allows homeowners quick access to the highways previously listed, as well as, shopping, schools and recreational activities. If you’re thinking about moving to the Winchester – Frederick County area, keep Canter Estates in mind. It is a great neighborhood. When you’re ready to make that move, give your Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., agent a call. We are your local real estate sales pros.

Canter Estates, Stephens City, VA Mid-Year Real Estate Update – 2016

When Buying a Winchester, VA Home, You Have a Lot of Options

Buying a Winchester, VA Home

When buying a Winchester, VA home, you have a lot of options. Winchester, VA is a buying a winchester, va homecommunity filled with history. From Daniel Morgan, the Revolutionary War hero, to Admiral Byrd, the North Pole explorer, and the Civil War. We’ve got history.

You can buy a historic piece of property, or you can buy a new build from one of the many modern subdivisions circling the city. Homes date back as far as the 1700s up to today. There are many vintage 1800 era homes that stood through the Civil War. Many buildings of that time have been restored. Some are homes, some museums, and some are businesses, but they are all part of our history.

When buying a Winchester, VA home, you’ll find that you get more for the money.

The average price when you’re buying a Winchester, VA home is $255,000. There are homes higher and lower, but the average price is a comfortable place for many home-buyers. The Winchester, VA area has been cited in Kiplinger’s magazine and the AARP magazine as a top place to retire. The cost of living is lower than many of the surrounding areas. Housing, groceries, taxes and many other costs of living expenses are lower in Winchester, VA.

Winchester, VA is also a great place to buy because of its proximity to other areas. Just an hour from Washington, DC, it is a quick ride to a concert, play or other event. It lies in the middle of many highways. Routes 7, 11, 50, 522 and Interstate 81 all pass through Winchester, VA. The volume of highways make the Winchester, VA area a prime area for industry and business. Many national companies make their home in Winchester, VA. They provide jobs and products for the residents.

Winchester, VA is also home of Valley Health and the Winchester Medical Center. The Winchester Medical Center is one of the top medical facilities in northern Virginia. Shenandoah University has a campus at the medical center training students in the PA program (Physician’s Assistant), PT (Physical Therapy), nursing and a pharmacy school. Winchester, VA has a lot of offer.

When you’re buying (or selling) a Winchester, VA home, make sure to call your Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., real estate agent a call. We are your local real estate sales pros.

Buying a Winchester, VA Home


Make your home inviting when you list it to sell.

Make your home inviting when you list it to sell.

Make your home inviting when you list it to sell. That makes sense, right? But, how do you do that? If you are still living in your home, there are many ways to make your home inviting, but let me give you my favorite simple inexpensive ways to do it.

  • Make sure you have the lights on when a potential buyer shows up. Light is make your home invitingalways your friend. You want to set the mode for a buyer to feel like he/she is coming in from the day.
  • Have paddle fans on low to move air and keep the rooms comfortable.
  • Make sure it’s clean and smells fresh. No incense. No burning scented candles. No air fresheners unless they are extremely faint. A clean smell is better than a perfumed smell. You don’t want it to smell like bleach, but you want it to smell fresh and clean.
  • Leave a music channel on your stereo (do people still have those) or on your TV as background noise. Keep it to something smooth and soothing like a smooth jazz or classical (especially strings, no vocals) station. You don’t want it to be loud, but you want it to be noticeable.
  • Make sure the bathrooms have fresh towels neatly folded over their towel bars.
  • Make the beds and stage them with throw pillows.
  • Keep your closets neat and arranged. Shoes in order. Clothes neatly hung. Shelves should not disheveled, but arranged orderly.
  • Make sure your dresser drawers are closed with no clothes hanging out.
  • In the kitchen, keep the counters clean and free of unnecessary items. Keep the cabinets closed and neat inside. Buyers may open them to see what the inside is made of.
  • Leave a list of upgrades on the kitchen counter so buyers will know right away how you cared for your home.
  • You may also want to leave a list of when your systems were replaced or serviced. A water heater, furnace, roof or other big-ticket item is always a concern for a buyer. If you’ve maintained those items regularly, or if you’ve replaced them recently, let the buyer know that.
  • Keep a bowl of snacks available for buyers to enjoy. Make it simple like mini-candy bars, mints or some sort of hard candy. Avoid cracker type treats. Leave a welcoming note encouraging the buyers to enjoy a snack.
  • Put sports equipment away, and freshen sports clothes, bags and shoes to avoid unnecessary odors. I have two sons, and I can tell you that some of those sport clothes, bags and shoe smells could send a buyer running out of a house.

You can see how simple it can be to make your home inviting. It doesn’t have to be a big financial investment. You want the buyers to feel welcome when they walk through the door. You want them to imagine coming home after a day away and sensing the comfort of being home. Make your home inviting, and it will sell. When you’re ready to sell, give your Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., agent a call. We are your local real estate sales pros.

Make your home inviting when you list it to sell.