Clarke County, VA real estate market update – April 2016

Clarke County, VA real estate market update – April 2016

The Clarke County, VA real estate market update for April 2016, is showing signs of a healthy real estate market and consistent sales. The overall sales have nearly doubled since the same period one year ago. That’s a substantial change that’s worth noting.

Clarke County, VA real estate market is all up.

The Clarke County, VA real estate market update for April 2016

The Clarke County, VA real estate market is made up of two towns, Berryville and Boyce and twenty-fourunincorporated communities. The entire area is approximately 178 square miles with 2.2 square miles of water. There are approximately 14,000 people in the area based on the 2010 census. Of that number, 4,942 are households and 3,513 are families. Of course, these population numbers shift continuously.

What do the sale numbers tell us about the Clarke County, VA real estate market?

There were 29 properties sold in April 2016. Of those, 11% were distressed properties (short sales 1, and foreclosures 2). That isn’t significant since the total volume isn’t high. A more significant number is the number of sold properties during the same period of 2015. There were 15 sold during that time. No distressed properties were sold in the month of April 2015.

Of the 29 sold in 2016, one property sold for $1,900,000. That number skews the overall sales averages. With that property removed, the minimum was $124,900, maximum $950,000 and the average sales price was $348,778. Days on the market at the average sale price was 142. Properties have been sitting on the market longer, but they still sold for 95% of list at the time of sale.

One additional important number from 2015/2016 is the average sale price. In both cases, the sales price was close together. In 2015, the average sales price was $346,800 while 2016 was $338,778, as stated above. A $2,000 sales price increase in one year isn’t a major move, but it is a move in a positive direction.

When you’re ready to sell or buy in Clarke County, VA, be sure to give your Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., real estate agent a call. We are your local real estate sales pros.

Clarke County, VA real estate market update – April 2016


Ten promises I make to every real estate client.

Ten promises I make to every real estate client.

There are ten promises I make to every real estate client, and I never deviate from them. Real estate, like any profession, has its high points and its low points. There are companies and agents who operate like true pros throughout the entire process, and there are those who are looking for a fast check for a limited amount of work. I believe that second group is the minority, but they get a lot of attention when they abuse their clients, and that makes all of us look bad. When I work with a client, I can promise:

  • I will always be honest. That means, if I think a low-ball offer doesn’t stand a chance of succeeding, I will tell you. I will still write the contract if you insist, but I will caution you before it’s submitted. I will also tell you what I think you need to do to sell your house for the maximum amount.
  • I will steer you to the best professional services I’m aware of to get your repairs and upgrades done. I will only steer you to people I have found to be honest, professional and a good value for the service. My license prohibits me from sending you to service providers who will kickback money to me. So, that means I have nothing to gain from recommending a service provider to you except to see you get the best service possible for the money. I rate my recommendations on three criteria. First, they must be honest. Second, they must be skilled, and third, they must provide a good service for the money.
  • I will always work hard to get you the best deal. That means I will do everything possible to get you the most money for your sale. I will also do what I can to make sure you spend the least amount of money for your purchase. If a property is overpriced, I will tell you before you make an offer. I will do the same thing if you try to overprice your property.
  • I will make every effort to educate you through the entire process. I know that Realtor-ese can be confusing at times. My goal is to make sure you know what’s going on at all times. I only ask that if you don’t understand something that you ask for clarification. I’m happy to give it.
  • I will keep you up to date as much as possible as things unfold. You’ll need to let me know what level of communication you want when we begin. If nothing is happening, I may not call you and tell you that nothing is happening, but if that makes you feel better, I will.
  • I will point out things that I think you need to consider when looking at a house. Since I am also a Virginia Contractor, I have no concerns about telling you if I see construction issues that need to be considered. A cracked foundation may be settling cracks, or they may be something more serious. If I see something, I will likely say something. I want your home-buying experience to end with a great deal, not a great deal of headaches.
  • I will protect you from unscrupulous sellers, buyers, agents, lenders and closing companies. If I think someone is trying to take advantage of you, I will tell you. I’ve learned a lot of tricks over 20 years as a real estate investor. I can pick them up with little effort when I see someone else trying to use them to manipulate you throughout a deal.
  • I will recommend the best lenders and best closing agents if you need that guidance. Here again, I use the best. The professionals I recommend, I also use for my own personal business needs. If I trust them, you can trust them.
  • I will answer or return your calls, return your emails and respond to your texts as quickly as possible. I am not an abscentee agent once we sign a few documents. You can contact me anytime if you need something.
  • I will always look out for your best interests. Your success is my success. I take it very personal when you trust me with your real estate needs, and I will do everything in my power to see that your experience is the very best I can provide.

The real estate business is a pretty diversified business, but it is still a people and service business. It is always my goal to see that my clients get the very best service they can because they are always the very best people.

When you’re ready to buy or sell, make sure to call Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., (888-722-6029) for exceptional service every time.

Ten promises I make to every real estate client.