Buying a Winchester, VA Home

Buying a Winchester, Virginia home can be exhilarating and Buying your Winchester VA homehorrifying at the same time.  It’s the single largest expense most people will accept in their lifetime.  That alone could make you want to run the other way, but STOP!  I can help you buy your first home, and we’ll have fun doing it.

There are a few things you can do to get prepared for that first home purchase.  These simple guidelines will make the process simple and less stressful.

  • Decide what kind of house you “need” or “want” before you start looking.  How many bedrooms do you want?  How many bathrooms will you need?  Do you need a basement, fenced yard, garage or a family room?  Have this information ready before the search.
  • Drive around the area and see what neighborhoods look like. Find an area where  you would like to live.  Which ones can you scratch off your list? Which ones will you keep?
  • Do a few web-searches on,,,,  That will give you a little sense of what to look for when reviewing listings.
  • Call Cornerstone Business Group, Inc. You will need an experience Realtor to help you gain access to the homes that you ultimately want to look at, and your Realtor can help you see things you may not have enough experience to see.
  • Ask your CBG Inc. agent for recommendations on Lenders and make an appointment.
  • Have the lender do a summary of your financial situation and qualify you for a purchase of $XXXXXX.  That will help you know what price range you should be looking in.
  • Link up with your CBG Inc. agent and start the search in the local MLS, pick your favorites and go take a look.
  • Have your CBG Inc., agent explain the process from contract through loFirst[time home buyers in Winchester VAan to closing.  You will have a time-line to work out details.  Your CBG Inc. agent can get your ready to take that journey.
  • Move in and recommend CBG Inc. to all your friends. 

Buying a Winchester, Virginia home can be a great experience if you follow a few simple guidelines.  Let’s get together and make it happen today!


Winchester, VA Real Estate Market Update – September 2015

The Winchester / Frederick County, VA real estate market saw 150 sales in September 2015. Of those sales, 12% were distressed property sales. Six sales were short sales and 12 sales were foreclosures. The September number of total sales was down 17 sales from August, but that is consistent with the 2014 numbers. In 2014, September sales were 129 with a 13% distressed property sales.

The distressed property sales were up 3% from the previous 8 months, but the September 2015 number is consistent with the 2014 number. The Summer of 2013-2015 have followed similar patterns in the number of properties listed, sold and how many were distressed properties. The market appears to have found its equilibrium. There were no major market shifts through the end of the third quarter.

The Winchester / Frederick County, VA real estate market has settled into a consistent pattern that agents, buyers and sellers can use to make market decisions. The ebb and flow of the local real estate market has been basically the same for three years. That should bring some comfort to homeowners who are thinking of making a real estate move figure_house_shopping_1600_clr_2083in the final quarter of 2015.

There is more good news for fourth quarter buyers. RealtyTrac recently released a study based on 32 million home sales over the past 15 years. They found that October is the best month to buy a home, followed by February, December and January. Monday and Friday were the best days of the week to buy, and October 8 is the single best day of the year to purchase a home. Buyers should not let cooler temperatures keep them from fulfilling their home buying dreams. They may just get a better deal in the Fall and Winter months. When that days rolls around, give your Cornerstone agent a call. We are your local real estate sales pros.