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Winchester, VA Real Estate Market – August 2014

The Winchester, VA real estate market saw an uptick in sales in August 2014.July sales had been disappointing from June 2014. July saw a 36% drop from June sales, but August has turned in the right direction. August sales were up 22% from July, but they were still down 18% from June.

The increase in market health was bolstered by a 2% further drop in distressed property sales. August 2014 saw an 8% increase in sales over August 2013. The disappointing July numbers may have been nothing more than an anomaly, but it will take a few more months to determine that fully.

August sales give hope for a more robust Fall selling season. Sales tend to dip slightly before kids and college students head back to school in August. They rebound early in September and carry that momentum until the week of Thanksgiving where sales give way to US holiday traditions throughout the end of the year.

                        Winchester, VA Real Estate Market – August 2014