Winchester, Virginia Foreclosures: July 2014

Winchester, Virginia Foreclosures: July 2014


There are four things that will help sell your home fast.

There are four things that will help sell your home fast. Take only of the four out of the list, and you’re likely to slow the process down. Some of these things you have control over, and one you do not. What’s under your control?

  • Condition: You have total control over the condition of your house. It is somethingAce in the holeyou should consider before you ever sign a listing agreement. A freshly painted, clean and/or new flooring, all systems working, deferred maintenance complete and everything sparkling and ready to go is an ace in the hole.
  • Availability: Restricted times for “buyers to be” to view your home can be the kiss of death when selling. Make the property as available as humanly possible. Make sure you have the right lock-box on your door. I tend to use two. One covers the electronic users and one is a combo box for those who are without electronic access. Make it easy to see, and they will come.
  • Price: You have the ultimate control over price. Make sure you listen to your listing agent, review recent sales (preferably in the 90 day range if possible), and pick a price that is most likely to sell. Don’t assume that adding an extra 20% on top of that will give you negotiating room when a buyer comes. A buyer won’t come if the property is overpriced by 20%. The MLS is loaded with examples of overpriced listings that have high days on the market.

What you don’t have control over is LOCATION. You can have all of the other features covered to perfection, but neighbors who don’t care for their properties, or the impact from the factory who built in your back yard or a host of other things can hurt your chances of getting a good price quickly. On the flip-side, if your location is highly desirable, you can be weak on one or more of the other features and still attract buyers.

Of the four features to highlight on your sale, price and location have the greatest impact on buyers. Many buyers can see past a little deferred maintenance, but they won’t look past an overpriced home or a home in a bad location.

Make sure your home is in good condition, make it accessible, price it well and use your location to draw buyers and your home will sell quickly for top dollar. These are four things that will help sell your home fast. Use them to your advantage. When you’re ready to sell, call your Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., real estate professional for top quality service.