Being Real in Real Estate

I seem to attract very clever and witty clients. Most of the clients that end up working with me are quick witted and ready to spare with me from the time we have our first conversation. I love it. That gives me a pretty good insight into how the deal will go as we get into a purchase.

Recently, one of my clients made a joke about the fact that I had the same shirt on two showing days. Actually, our company has company polo’s that anybody who works with me will likely wear when they go out looking at homes. I have a half-dozen of them. That was good fodder for the next trip out. I made sure I wore a crazy outfit to tweak my client, and of course I pointed out that I wasn’t wearing the same shirt. We’ve had a great time together, and of course she bought a house.

One of the great things about selling in the Winchester, VA real estate market is that people tend to be a little less uptight. It’s not unusual for me to show up in jeans and the infamous company polo. I am just as likely to drive up in my beloved pickup truck to show property as I am to drive my “Realtor” Volvo, and 99% of my clients could not care less. It’s about the deal

Most people hire me because of my investor background, not because of my wardrobe or vehicle. I have all of the glam products any agent would have, but quick frankly I’d rather be myself. After nearly 30 years in a suit, jeans feel just fine to me. That means I’m not going to be pretentious, but rather like I always am, I’m going to be straightforward and honest. In order to be a client’s advocate, I have to be real.

If I think a house is a dog, I’ll tell you. If I think it’s a bad deal, you’ll know it. If I think you should jump on it, I’ll be first to say that. If I think you’re offer is terrible, I won’t hesitate to tell you. If I think you need to modify it to make things work, I will explain why. I’ll submit an offer no matter what, but I will tell you what the likely outcome will be. I’m not in the business of selling homes. I’m in the business of making clients happy. I protect my clients like a Pit Bull, and I make no apologies for that, polo or not.