Should I rent or buy calculator

A lot of my clients are in that struggle between renting versus buying. They’ve rented for years and they’re comfortable with the ease of it, but they also know they are throwing their money away. With home-ownership, they have to take over all the expenses and maintenance of a new home. That sounds daunting to some.

What should they do? I found an excellent rent versus buy calculator to help you make that decision. It factors in more than just the monthly rent vs the monthly payment. Take a look and see if renting or buying is in your best interest.

Should I rent or buy calculator


Tomorrow is a new day. What will you do with it?

When Harland Sanders was 65, an interstate highway diverted traffic away from his restaurant and caused him to go out of business. He struggled living on his social security check, but he didn’t crawl into a corner and give up. No, he had a vision and a product he wanted to share with the world, and if you’ve ever eaten Kentucky Fried Chicken you have been a beneficiary of his vision.

When Bill entered college, he had an idea. In his junior year, he wanted to dedicateTomorrow is another day more time to his idea. The only problem was that college got in the way of fulfilling his dream so he quit. Who quits Harvard? Bill Gates quit Harvard, and his idea has affected the entire planet.

One of the most consistent characteristics of entrepreneurs is they don’t operate on the same calendar and time schedule as other people. Age is not a factor. Education is not a factor. Income is not a factor. Past history is not a factor. Roadblocks are not a factor. The fuel that ignites the internal engine of an entrepreneur is vision, and vision knows no limit.

Whether 20 years old or 65, it’s all the same in the world of the entrepreneur. Today, doesn’t matter if you haven’t fulfilled your life-long vision. You’ve still got time. Colonel Sanders didn’t let age stop him from becoming one of the most recognized faces in the world. Bill Gates didn’t allow the lack of a college degree stop him. Age or education didn’t give these men what they needed to become global contributors. Vision did.

What will you doBoth of these men were so convinced that what they had was worth the sacrifices they were willing to make. So they launched out into the unknown with no guarantees that anyone would ever respond to their ventures. What about you? What life goal is still sitting on your mental to-do list? How long are you willing to let it sit there waiting to be liberated? What if it’s the next “great” thing? What if it makes you more successful than you could ever imagine? What if it could change the lives of thousands of people? What about millions?

No matter what hand life has dealt you, you’re not finished. Colonel Sanders proved that we can’t blame age for a late start on a life’s dream. Bill Gates proved that a broad education isn’t always necessary to change the world. For others, they’ve overcome loss, failure, frustration and a host of roadblocks. It doesn’t matter what your past has been or what your current day is like. Tomorrow is a new day. What will you do it with it?