Bicycle Outfitters Opens in Winchester, VA

They were busy until late last night, but the Bicycle Outfitters team, family and friends pulled it off. They’re open! I was in the shop around 7:30 pm on Friday night, and there was a lot of work to do, but boy did they accomplish a lot before midnight.

The shop is stocked with every conceivable bicycle, bicycle part, bicycle accessory and food supplement for the rider on the go. There is clothing for mountain bikers and road bikers. They have shoes, helmets, pedals, tubes, tires, bottle cages, bike computers, and just about anything a bicycle enthusiast could want. It’s truly a bicycle candy story that delivers.

Mark Werner, Dave Ballinger and Doug Graham (the store manager) have worked tirelessly to get the new store up and running. I bet these guys never saw themselves on their knees installing a new lament floor, but you do what you have to do when you believe in your product, and they believe. Their dedication to your bicycling experience is total and complete.

Mechanics, Gary and Jacob have a fully supplied bike maintenance department ready to take on your toughest bike issues. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bent wheel, a component change or just a seasonal tune-up, they’ve got you covered. You couldn’t ask for two better bicycle maintenance pros. They tune my bikes, and I wouldn’t hand my toys over to anybody else. You can depend on them for top quality service every time.

Drop by the new Bicycle Outfitters location at 621 B W Jubal Early Drive, or give them a call at 540-431-5525. You’ll be impressed with the store, the service and most of all the commitment the owners and employees have to the bicycle community. Winchester, VA is happy to welcome Bicycle Outfitters to our area.

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Bicycle Outfitters is Coming to Winchester, VA

Bicycle Outfitters is Coming to Winchester, VA

OK, Winchester, I have some inside information for you. There is another bicycle store coming to Winchester. Yes, a third bicycle shop, and you ask, “Do we really need a third bike shop?” What kind of question is that? Of course we need a third bike shop. As a two wheel geek, I love the idea of more bikes, riding gear and competition in the biking community.

How did I come by this inside information? My electrical contracting company is doing the wiring for the new store. Bicycle Outfitters will be the latest addition to the local bike enthusiast’s carbon fiber candy stores.

Bicycle Outfitters was established in 1988 as a sales and service bike store. They currently have stores in Leesburg, VA and Brambleton, VA. They carry a great line of bikes for riders of all levels. Their bike lines include, Trek, Gary Fisher, Cannondale, Felt, Giant and Raleigh. They have bikes for all ages, all sizes and all pocketbooks.

Bicycle Outfitters offers a full service department in each store. They pride themselves on great customer service and qualified mechanics who are dedicated to keeping your ride in top condition. No matter what level of bike rider you are, you can find a great bike at Bicycle Outfitters.

They’re also experts at fitting each rider to the right bike. Bike fitting is a science of aligning the human body with the right geometry in a bike. For instance, the length of the top tube, saddle height, angle of the knee at 6:00 o’clock and at the horizonal position make a big difference in a rider’s comfort level. If you’re not properly fit to a bike, you can develop pain in your knees, lower back, neck, shoulders, hands and wrists. Bicycle Outfitters will get you set up and ready for hours of fun cycling.

Look for a grand opening in mid-April 2014. The store will be located at 621 W Jubal Early Dr., Winchester, VA.

Everyday, the project gets a little closer and we are as excited about working on the building as the owners are for opening day. Is there room for another bike shop in Winchester, VA? You bet there is, and I welcome Bicycle Outfitters to the Winchester, VA bike scene. I’ll see you there in April. Let’s roll!

Bicycle Outfitters is Coming to Winchester, VA

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