My Ten Tips for a Balanced Healthy Life in 2014

My Ten Tips for a Balanced Healthy Life in 2014

1. Focus – Determine what your distractions are and eliminate as many as possible. Some things are just that, distractions, and they cheat you out of moving forward.

2. Get Healthy – Eat foods that don’t rob you of energy and good health.  Sleep what your body needs.  Exercise consistently, effectively and efficiently.  Avoid fad diets, avoid fad foods and avoid fad exercise.

3. Educate Yourself – Learn more about those things that propel you forward.  Don’t seek advice from failures.  Look for people who have succeeded at the place you want to go to and seek their advice, experience and wisdom.  Read good books, listen to successful leaders and learn the mechanics of your field of choice.  And remember, everyone pays their dues.  Make every day a learning day.

4. Invest in Healthy Relationships – Reduce the takers in your life, and increase the givers.  Some people only cause you heartache and misery.  And then again, some people bring you great joy.  Ask yourself,  “How do I feel after I’ve spent time with this person?” or,”How do I feel after I’ve talked to this person on the phone or through a text message?”  If you’re excited and inspired, you’ve found a fountain.  If you’re exhausted, you’ve found a drain.

5. Make Money Your Servant – Pay yourself first (at least 10% of everything).  Try to give more to your favorite charity or your church, and do it out of a generous heart.  There is a law of giving and receiving that profits you above and beyond your generosity.  Pay off debts.  The borrower is servant to the lender.  Break the shackles of debt so that it doesn’t become a course distraction.

6. Do Something Out of Your Comfort Zone – Go on a canopy glide, go sailing or take a trip to a country where you don’t speak the language, etc.  It’s intense and it makes you feel very alive.

7. Bury Your Past – Don’t let the past direct the future.  Everybody makes mistakes.  Allow yourself the freedom to get past it.  Others may not want to let you leave your mistakes behind, but it’s your choice.  Don’t look back.  Images in the mirror are bigger than they appear.  Don’t look in the rear view mirror.  Your goals are ahead.

8. Renew Your Spiritual Life – A core relationship with God is an anchor in the storms of life.  Some days you need an anchor.  Other days, you need a sail.   A healthy relationship with God will provide both.  Know the difference between a true spiritual relationship with God and one that is only on the surface.   Pray, study God’s Word and give Him your time.  I promise, you can’t out give God.  If you give Him your life.  He will give you His.

9. Extend Forgiveness – It’s hard to walk up a hill with someone on your back.  Holding anger and resentment toward other people really only holds you back.  It rarely hurts the offenders.  There are people who you may not feel are worthy of forgiveness, but as long as you hold on to their offenses they are still controlling your life.  Extend forgiveness, and throw off the shackles of bitterness, resentment and anger.  If this seems too difficult, refer to #8.

10. Love More & Love Sincerely – Tell those you love that you really love them, and then go a step further.  Show it.  Don’t wait for the next funeral to remember all the people you haven’t told how important they are in your life. Tell them now while it counts.  You might be the only encouragement some people ever get, and you might be that one lifeline someone needs in an undisclosed time of distress.

My Ten Tips for a Balanced Healthy Life in 2014


So, you’re adrift in the ocean. What do you do?

Imagine, you’re alone on a boat and it suddenly sinks. You’re in the middle of the ocean with a life vest and no sign of land. What do you do? Before we go down the “to do list”, let’s think about what you probably won’t be doing.

  • You probably won’t be blaming your cubicle partner for your circumstance.
  • You probably won’t be reflecting on the third grade bully who ate your lunch everyday.
  • You probably won’t be cursing your parents for not showing you enough love as a teenager.
  • You more than likely will not be blaming your race, national origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation for your situation.
  • You won’t be reflecting on all the trophies you received for showing up for sports teams as a kid.
  • You probably won’t be thinking about those hateful words your partner shared before you went out the door.
  • You won’t be blaming your dilemma on your neighbors making more money than you do.

No, most of the things above, and a hundred others, may have influenced your life in one way or the other, but they really aren’t who you were designed to be. They have been thoughts, experiences and detours that created the way you see the world. But, actually, what you’re most likely to do is reason out how to survive. It’s just you and the elements. So, what do you do?

  • Settle your mind, let go of your fears and think. Don’t panic. Panic consumes valuable energy. Think. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You could die. What’s the best thing that could happen? You could live. OK, choose the best thing. That was simple, now, what’s the best use of the limited resources you have? Arms, legs, life vest, etc.
  • How can you get the maximum benefit out of those limited resources?
  • Accept the fact that your survival is completely up to you at this point. There is no one to help you, so you’ve got to learn to use your resources, conserve your strength and stay focused.
  • How long are you willing to stay in this mode? Until you’re rescued. Good, you’re making progress.
  • What if it takes longer than you think? You keep going.
  • What if it takes a lot longer than you think? You still keep going. You made the decision that you’re going to live, and living takes work.
  • Now it’s time to work your plan while you wait to be rescued.

And, when that ship picks you up, all of life’s past traumas, all of the bullies, the bad bosses, the poor childhood experiences, the loneliness, past anger, failures, injuries and disappointments did not make you the person that was rescued.

What you did when your life depended on it was completely up to you. You conquered the biggest challenge you will likely ever face, and you did it because of you.

The same is true in all areas of life if you’re willing to suit up in your life vest and lose sight of the shore. All of the challenges of the past become just that, past. All of the successes of the future will born out of a new you, a competent, confident and capable you.


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