Sellers, if you make your house hard to show, it will not sell.

Sellers, if you make your house hard to show, it will not sell. I have a client who is very interested in three properties in the center of Winchester. The company who has them listed requires 24 hours notice which is not a problem. Yesterday, I called early enough to get them on my showing list today. Sadly, you can only set appointments through the listing agent.

The listing agent didn’t answer the phone and didn’t return my call. Today, I called into the stick_figure_stuck_door_500_clr_6837 (1)same office about another house. Same thing. You’ve got to talk to the listing agent first, 24 hours notice (which was not in the listing) and you need to pick up the keys at the office. “Would you like to be transferred to his voice-mail?” “No, I’ll take it off my list.”

Twenty-six hours after my original call, and 2 hours after the requested showing time, I finally get a call. “Would you like to see that house today at 11:00?” Of course, it was after 1:00 pm then.  I think we missed the appointment, Sparky. “No thanks. We took it off our list.” It fascinates me that agents sound surprised when you say that.

The truth is, if you make a house hard to show, we won’t show it. Period. When I realized the same listing agent had all of the properties, I deleted them from my list. I’m not going to chase another agent around for days trying to get into a listing. I explained what had transpired to my client and she agreed we should skip them.

Sellers, if you, or your agent, make your house hard to show, we can’t show it. We would love to help you out and sell your home, but it’s simply not possible with so many restrictions. Make it easy to show, and have it in show condition all the time and we’ll do everything we can to get it sold for you.


What does it take to create the heart of a champion?

What does it take to create the heart of a champion? Yesterday, I went to my son’s first power-lifting competition. He had decided to compete in this one as a trial run, and ironically, he won 3rd in the Open session and in his weight class. I have a feeling he was more surprised than anyone, but as I watched him, I could see the heart of a champion developing. So, what does it take to create the heart of a champion?

  • Desire – A truly successful competitor must want to win. I watched one competitor yesterday that failed at three lifts in a row. He was over confident and a bit arrogant, and he lost. When he failed in the first competition, he packed up and went home. He skipped out the second round. Why? His heart wasn’t in it. Lack of desire is a handicap from the beginning.
  • Focus – Jon went into power-lifting with a great deal of focus. He avoided the distractions of all the people who wanted to tell him how to do it. He read books first to silence the noise of the masses, and then he went to the next step.
  • Training – He found good solid people to train with. It’s important that your training be specific and focused. In any endeavor, experts will come out of the woodwork to assist you, but there are the truly gifted and talented teachers and there are the “also-rans”. Training must be specific and focused. You can waste a lot of time with trainers who are not the pros you need to get you to the next level. Make sure that whoever you link up with is the right person to get you where you want to go.
  • Practice – Jon has a very specific schedule of training that he rarely deviates from. It’s important to stay in the process if you’re going to succeed. You can’t afford to have large gaps between sessions. He injured his knee a while ago, and it was difficult for him to avoid training during that time. I could see the struggle he was going through everyday. I’m not a big fan of the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” If you practice incorrectly, you will lose. I’d rather say, “Perfect practice makes perfect.”
  • Vision – Vision gives you the road map of where you’re going to go. You can train and practice all you want, but if you have no destination you’ll only become frustrated. Your vision will give you each milestone along the way. Most start out with an idea that finally contributes to a vision, but vision directs the path.
  • Determination – Determination is desire on steroids. It is the driving force that keeps you in the game when your mind tells you to stop. Determination is the fuel your mind and body need when adversary tells you to quite, when obstacles block your path, when your task seems impossible.
  • Execution – All the training in the world means very little if you never put it into practice. Even in failure, you must return to execute again. Everything you’ve done to this point has given you the tools to try. Failure is simply an indicator that you need to modify your training. If you were out-matched because a competitor trained harder, then you train harder. If you fail because you didn’t stay focused, then you learn to stay focused. You will never know where you are weak until you execute. If you succeed, then you ask yourself, “Where can I improve?”
  • Improvement – Every endeavor is evolving. You must constantly stay in a mode of evolving as well. If you don’t improve, that competitor who has been nipping at your heels will overtake you.

Every champion prepares himself for the competition. In business, we’re in competition with every other professional in our field. Those who succeed don’t do so by happenstance. Maybe a few stumble upon success, but the really superb performers create their success, and so can you.

What does it take to create the heart of a champion? 

I except all of our team to exceed expectations.

I except all of our team to exceed expectations. 

When I started Cornerstone, I started to take on a bunch of Realtors from the former office I worked in that had closed, and then I realized that most of those agents didn’t do anything then, why would that change now? So, I decided to go it alone.

I had an opportunity to start a real estate school late last year.  With that school, I realized that I could pick and choose the talent I wanted to attract, and that is what I’ve done.  My goal with bringing on new agents is to build superstars.  I don’t need a wall of agent licenses hanging in my office, but I am more than happy to see agents come on board who are going to shake up the local real estate market and succeed.

Recently, I brought on the first of those agents. There will be more, but Adam Martin is the first. I expect to see Adam become a top producer over the next year.  I believe Adam, and all of those who will link with me and Cornerstone will be exceptional.  The following video is where I know all of our will team go. Enjoy, and excel.

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When you’re ready to compete in a competitive market, you need a team that knows how to win.

I entered the real estate field in 1992 as an investor. I was pretty aggressive when buying property, and I never failed to get one that I really wanted. I bought most with no money (I don’t promise that to my clients), and made sure that the negotiations were always win-win when it was a homeowner, but when it was an REO, all bets were off.

Most of my properties were in the Virginia Beach / Chesapeake / Richmond, VA areas. Very few were in my area. The interesting part of that is that when I entered the local real estate market as an agent, the local real estate investor sharks didn’t know me. That was to my advantage. All they knew was that I was a local real estate broker working with buyers. So, they paid no attention whatsoever, and that’s the way it is today.

I love it that way.  In the past four weeks, I’ve had multiple situations where my buyers were bidding against some pretty aggressive buyers.  In each case, my buyers asked what I would do. I explained to them that the bottom line is that it’s always their deal, but I have told each one what I would do if I was buying as an investor who was dealing with aggressive investors. In each case, they decided to go with my ideas, knowing there were no promises. We’ve gotten 100% of the 6 deals. Yesterday, I set up the 7th offer, but I won’t know on that one until next week.

This was why I got into the selling side of real estate. The average home-buyer doesn’t have a chance against a seasoned investor, but if they have a seasoned investor as their coach, they level the playing field. That’s one of the great advantages of using Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., as your buying agent. We know what we’re doing when the deals get tough, and our track record is a 20 year run of success. When you’re ready to compete in a competitive market, you need a team that knows how to win.