I am proud to recommend Andrea Bedard as your Realtor of choice in Silver Spring, MD.

I am proud to recommend Andrea Bedard as your Realtor of choice in Silver Spring, MD.

If you’ve had the opportunity to talk to Andrea Bedard, you know she isAndrea Bedard, Realtor, Silver Spring, MD an intelligent, caring and insightful person.  The great thing about Andrea, is that she brings those three characteristics into her real estate business.  Andrea works with all types of buyers and sellers, but she has a soft spot for military families.

Andrea’s husband, Jody, is currently on active duty in the Navy.  That gives her first hand experience in the challenges a military family has when it comes to housing.  She uses his broad understanding of the Montgomery and Howard County, MD real estate markets to help her clients meet their real estate needs.

I had the privilege of meeting Andrea at a 12 hour indoor cycling event for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  When I challenged her to join me at the event, she didn’t hesitate.  We spent three hours sitting side by side talking about real estate, life and sweating buckets.  Actually, I think I was the only sweating, but she kept me company while I did it.

From that event on, I’ve grown to admire and appreciate Andrea in so many ways.  I make it a part of my week to keep up with her blog.  In her blogs, you soon learn that she knows her real estate market and she is a firm believer in frequenting local businesses in her community.  She supports and blogs about them on a regular basis, and she always has good things to offer her readers.

If you’re looking for a great resource for your next home purchase, or if you’re looking to sell, you can’t ask for a better agent in the Silver Spring, MD area.  Andrea Bedard will take care of your needs with grace and knowledge that will allow you to enjoy the process without worry or care.  She’s your go to person in both Montgomery and Howard Counties.  Call her today at 240-593-2860.  You will be glad you did.


OfficeMax of Winchester, VA Takes Great Care of Their Customers

OfficeMax of Winchester, VA Takes Great Care of Their Customers

The Winchester, VA OfficeMax store provides top quality office products and exceptional OfficeMax of Winchester, VAservice for area customers.  I do appreciate businesses that deliver more than they promise and also stand behind their products and services.  OfficeMax has become my primary office supply store for that very reason.

On a recent purchase, a product did not work as expected.  When I took it back to replace it, the OfficeMax associate realized that I did not have the right item for the application.  The item was fine, but the operator needed a little fine tuning.  That was a great opportunity for him to role his eyes and then point me in the right direction for the proper item.  Did he?  Not at all.  He was very gracious and accommodating, and even though I felt a like a total goober, I left the store knowing I had been treated like a valued customer.

That was my first experience this year with OfficeMax.  A second one related to another item that was not performing correctly.  This time, it was the item.  With 100s of items and manufactures represented in the store, there will be times when a manufacturer has made a defective item.  It’s in those times that you want an OfficeMax quality relationship to make sure you get what you pay for.

Karri ColvinOn this occasion, we had a more challenging need.  It took assistant manager, Karri Colvin, to assist us through the process.  Karri listened to our dilemma, determined what it would take to help us and then she took care of everything.  We left the store happy and thankful that we had found a store that would always make sure we had our needs met.

OfficeMax of Winchester, VA has provided printing services for my real estate business for years. The printing crew has been just as accommodating as the sales floor staff.  I’ve taken files in on thumb drives, sandisks, CDs and I have even emailed them in.  No problem.  Every time, the printing department staff has filled my order with enthusiasm and accuracy.  They have offered suggestions for a better outcome, and I have been grateful for their input.

They also provide our office computers,  brief cases, telephones, office furniture, shipping OfficeMax Winchester VA Storesupplies, printers, printing supplies, software, tablet accessories, miscellaneous office supplies, tax forms and today they even provided a chap-stick.  They have a broad array of products and services for businesses both large and small.  Best of all, they take care of their customers in a way that keeps them coming back.

If you have office product needs, drop by the Winchester, VA OfficeMax at 2188 South Pleasant Valley Road, or give Karri a call at 540-723-6617.  She’ll be glad to help you meet your office needs. Thanks, Karri!  We do appreciate your above and beyond service.

OfficeMax of Winchester, VA Takes Great Care of Their Customers

Cornerstone Business Group is your foreclosure sales pro in Winchester, VA

Foreclosures can be hard to navigate at times.  Ironically, they are one of the primary sources of sales for Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., in Winchester, VA. We have mastered the art of listing, preparing and selling foreclosures for the past 9 years, and we’ve had 100% success with every one we’ve ever been in contact with.

Foreclosures become known as REOs (real estate owned) when they have gone through the process of foreclosure and are back in the bank’s hands.  They can be tough for a first-time home-buyer, but that is no reason to ignore them.  An REO can be a great buy for any buyer, but for a first time buyer an REO might just be a much bigger or accommodating home than a fair market buy.Black Friday is also for houses.

Not all REOs are deeply discounted, but many are discounted enough to make them attractive.  With the guidance of a well experienced Cornerstone agent, you might just find the home of your dreams.  So, don’t forget to include REOs in your home search, and when you’re ready to look, contact your real estate pros at Cornerstone Business Group, Inc.

Starting a Business in Winchester, VA

Starting a business in Winchester, VA

I have a very simple view of the working world.  There are the clock punchers Starting a business in Winchester VAand those that dread the thought of being a clock puncher.  Neither is better than the other.  They just are what they are.

Clock punchers have an innate need to know that on Friday (or whenever) they are going to get paid.  Having a consistent weekly, bi-weekly paycheck gives them comfort and a certain sense of safety and security.  They tend to be more risk averse, and they don’t mind the typical 8 – 5 schedule.  Society needs clock punchers.

The non-clock punchers are those that are a little more entrepreneurial.  They love the challenge of taking their vision or passion and turning it into a profitable venture.  They would never settle for a specific weekly paycheck.  Their idea is that they can make as much money as they are willing dedicate their efforts to.  Some weeks, that might mean no check, but in two weeks it might mean a huge check.  They also like the freedom of choosing their own schedule.

If you’re a non-clock puncher with a vision and no business, you may dream of being in your own business, but you don’t know how to get started.  Let me give you a few ideas that might help create a springboard for you.

  • Define what it is that you want to do as a business.Starting a business in Winchester VA
  • Can you get into the business with little money, equipment or space – or will it need to be well financed, well equipped and housed somewhere?  If you want to do lawn-care you may be able to start part-time with a push mower.  It doesn’t take a lot of equipment or money.  Other businesses take a lot of money, equipment and a place to operate from.
  • If your business needs to be financed, have you looked into grants?
  • Do you have adequate expertise to create the business you envision?  You can own a real estate brokerage and not be an agent or a broker, but you will need a licensed broker to oversee the real estate specific operations.  You can bring people on board with you if you don’t have the expertise to launch on your own.
  • Is it something that needs employees before you can launch?
  • What are you bringing to the market that isn’t being adequately serviced already?  You only need to be 10% better in your field to take over a huge portion of the business.  Just ask IBM what happened to them when PCs became available to the consumer market.
  • Do you have a niche product or a niche market?
  • Can you start small and maintain your current source of income while building the business?  A service business, such as lawn-care, house cleaning, consulting, even flipping houses can be done while you’re still employed full-time elsewhere.
  • Do you have a business mission statement that clearly articulates your business?  Your mission statement should be 25 words or less that captures the essence of what you’re about and what you’re going to do.
  • Have other similar businesses started and closed in your area?  Would you feel comfortable talking to the previous business owners about their experience?  The first frozen yogurt provider in our area failed (TCBY).  Why?  The area wasn’t ready for it yet.  When the next company tried it – it was a huge success.  TCBY was just a little too early for this area.  They would be a smash today.
  • Can you ever imagine doing anything else?

Most new businesses fail in the first 5 years.  That makes preparation all Starting a business in Winchester VAthe more important.  The greatest cause of failure is lack of capital or lack of access to capital.  Those two issues can be overcome by starting your business part-time, by yourself and with limited cash outlays.

All money that comes in during that initial start-up phase should be set aside for a future launch into a fulltime business.  Some businesses cannot start this way, but for those that do, it’s a great way to protect your current resources while you build equity in your new venture.  At the right time, you’ll be ready to go.