Are you kidding me?

I’m seeing a strange phenomenon in the local market that makes me ask, “Are you kidding me?.  I’ve had two people try to bribe me or give me Sneaky mankickbacks recently.  The first one was an investor who wanted me to give him early access to an REO I was about to list.  He offered me an additional $10,000 outside of closing for first dibs on the property.

The second one was a contractor I had sent a project on a property I sold.  He’s a really good contractor who is very skillful.  He called me and asked how much I wanted him to pad his bill for my portion.  I said, “None.”  He was shocked.  He said, “You don’t want anything from this job?”  I told him, “No, just give my clients a good deal.”

This made me wonder, “How much of this goes on day to day?  How many agents violate the COE to get a few more bucks at the end of the week?”  These guys were so casual, it made me wonder if they were accustomed to this pattern.

Friends, as a Realtor, you cannot receive any additional income on a deal from any source beyond your broker.  If you take a kickback for giving a contractor a project, you are in jeopardy of losing your license.  It’s never worth it, and please do your clients a favor and keep it above board all the way through the deal.

Are you kidding me?


Some deals are like turning nightmares into dreams

I’ve been working with a wonderful couple since early June of this year.  We ended up together after they Cloud 9had a failed short sale contract on what they thought was the house of their dreams.  The deal fell through, and their hearts sank with it.  Some deals turn dreams into nightmares.

Well, tomorrow they close on a phenomenally better house that they are buying for less than the previous house.  It is also a short sale.  I was a little surprised that they even went down that path again, but I did explain to them that not every short sale goes the way their first attempt did, and they took plunge.

While doing the walk through this afternoon, I couldn’t help but smile watching the wife fighting back the temptation to burst into laughter.  She is so excited, and elated, and relieved and overwhlemed with emotion that all she can do is smile and laugh.

Watching her feel the pure joy of having her dream realized, and then seeing the twinkle in her husband’s eye as he watches her delight makes my job so much more fun. Some deals are like turning nightmares into dreams.   


Strayer University offers great programs for the busy professional

Returning to college as a young professional can be tough at best and nearly impossible at worst, but it Strayer Universitydoesn’t have to be a struggle.  Strayer University has programs to meet every attendees needs.  I entered my MBA as a 40 something in the late nineties.

I attended Regent University and Frostburg State University in the early days of my program.  I transferred from Regent to Frostburg so I could be closer to my campus.  My professional career was extremely busy, and I needed to closer to the campus.  Frostburg met that criteria.  Unfortunately for my academic life, my business became even more demanding and my time at Frostburg was short-lived.

My hope of achieving my MBA seemed more like a dream than a plan.  Shortly after leaving Frostburg, I received a flier in the mail about Strayer University.  The campus I would be associated with was in Manassas, VA, and if an online program better suited my needs, they had that too.

Perfect!  That’s what I needed.  I enrolled, transferred in everything possible and started the program.  I did both online and on campus studies.  At that time, the online program was live.  Students from all over the world would join the class sessions in the evening and the professor was in Loudoun County, VA broadcasting and working with Blackboard to offer slides and illustrations for the students.

The students online could communicate with each other during class, and the professor could also privately communicate with the students. Lectures were the same as any classroom sessions with question and answer sessions for students to seek clarity. There were breakout sessionStrayer University Onlines where groups would retreat to private rooms online and plan projects, discuss assignments and assist each other.  It was amazing.

The academic side of Strayer University was as challenging as any college I had attended.  I had three Master’s degrees when I entered the program.  So, I was no newbie to academics.  Strayer offered a world class program at the convenience of its student body.  It was a great program, and it was well worth the expense of the day.

I would highly recommend Strayer University to any individual or business professional wanting to increase his or her skills, but be ready to work.  It’s not a freebie.  You will have to earn your degree, but when it’s all done you will have a great deal of pride in your accomplishment.  Strayer University is a world class academic environment for today’s busy professional.

Sometimes, help comes from unusual sources

I saw a great video today of a pig saving a goat who was struggling in a pond.  It was great, and it made me think of a life principle.  Sometimes in life people struggle.  Some people are so focused on what they see as the solution that they can’t see the pig treading water nearby.

An open mind and a willingness to accept help from unusual sources may not only save your life, business, career, etc., but it might just introduce you to a great friend and resource.