Death by Email

Death by Email

One of the short comings of email and texting is that you don’t have the privilege of looking the sender in the eye while they are communicating with you.

I have often received an email from a colleague or client and thought, “Wow!  That was curt, Death by Emailnasty or down right mean.”  Then, when I get that person on the phone or face to face they don’t have any idea that their message came across that way.

Texts and emails have no personality, and I think many senders just put the information they need into the message and nothing more.  In that case, it may come across in the wrong way.

Years ago, I had an office assistant who tended to send me long emails late at night.  She would have had a glass of wine, or two, by the time she started emailing.  When I’d receive the email, I would have to ask myself what the heck is she talking about.  I realized right then that email will allow anyone to have a boldness that they didn’t have in person.

So, before you text or email someone, make sure you read, re-read and re-re-read your comments to make sure you get your point across without any hidden motives or potential misunderstandings.  Better yet, pick up the phone and call.


I don’t know about you, but old age is starting to look scary.

I don’t know about you, but old age is starting to look scary.  In the past week I’ve seen commercials about:

  • catheters,
  • Depends for those awkward moments,
  • hearing aids that look like wireless phone ear-pieces,Old guy
  • recorders to help me keep from losing my car,
  • alert devices to call for help when I fall down the stairs
  • constipation,
  • Cialis in case I have a chance to score (I think the Depends might nix that one),
  • a bathtub to sit in afterward (just in case the Depends doesn’t nix that one),
  • heartburn and acid reflux,
  • Did I mention Betty White is starting to look hot
  • eye glasses with built in headlights,
  • death, loss of memory and bladder control are the last three potential side effects on my Cialis
  • insurance for those with one foot in the grave
  • in home care services for those of us who are not allowed to drive anymore
  • reverse mortgages so I can spend my children’s inheritance
  • free tax advice because I’m, well, old and don’t remember why I’m paying taxes
  • senior discounts at the local pub even though I can’t drive because I lost my car and recorder – but if I can get there I can always take an extra Depends and make it an evening.  Who knows, I might even score.  Who’s playing?

It does look scary out there if TV is a precursor.  Don’t worry folks.  Be bold, have fun, ignore the commercials and have a great Sunday.

Increase your business by becoming “business present”

Well, it happened.  My younger son signed a lease on his first rental today, and he has officially moved.  It was a day of mixed emotions.  We are so proud of him, and at the same time we are sad to see him go.  It was quite a rollar-coaster ride today.  Even dads can get misty sometimes.

It did remind me of one thing business related.  As independent contractors, we need to Business manbe“business present” all the time.  Here’s how today’s event started 4 years ago.  I went to my dentist to have my teeth cleaned.  He had a new assistant, and I immediately recognized her Russian accent.  While she and I prepared for my exam, I learned about her journey to the United States, and I related my work in the Ukraine.

That lead to me asking her to help me with my Russian language skills.  She became my tutor for about a year.  That meant a weekly visit to my real estate office for a session.  When her school duties picked up and my business duties increased, we had to stop the tutoring, but I kept her number and she kept mine.

A year later, we ran into each other in the grocery store and renewed things.  A couple weeks later, she called to ask if I could help her become a real estate investor so she could use the profits from her rentals to finance her college education.  Of course I agreed.

In May of this year, we closed on her first rental. At the same time, my younger son started talking about finding a rental.  We looked at a few, but nothing looked good enough or promising enough, and then my friends called.  They wanted me to find a tenant for her rental.  In 30 minutes I called to confirm I had their first tenant.  My son and two friends moved into the rental today.

I was business present during my dentist appointment, and it turned into future business.  Being business present is the process of exposing your marketable skills in casual conversation.  It should be comfortable and fluid.  No one likes it when someone is trying to force himself and his business into a conversation, but it can be done very smoothly with a little practice.

Business meetingI also received a call today from an electrical client.  When our company first took care of his initial electrical needs, I made sure I mentioned that we also own a real estate brokerage.  He had shared that he is a real estate investor which opened the door for me to share how I got involved in real estate through investing.

Today, after three years of providing regular electrical service for his rentals, he called to ask us to take over his rental property management.  Business present.  In the simple process of conversation you incorporate your business experience and skills.  You become known for your expertise and at some point, the phone rings, and it is something you should be doing everyday.

The only caution I would offer in the process of learning to become business present is to make sure that it’s not forced, but that it is fluid.  I closed a property this week for friends I met while teaching Spinning.  In the process of getting to know each other, they learned that I have an electrical contracting company, and then they learned that I own a real estate brokerage.  So, we did electrical repairs on their home and then we sold it.  Business present.  They have become a great source of referrals for us since the first project.


Did you know there is a Pet CPR? You should.

If you’ve ever had a pet fall into an emergency situation you know it can be terrifying and seconds can make all the difference.  A number of years ago, I was working on our garage door when one of my dogs walked under it and the door collapsed just as she crossed the threshold.

The door pinned her to ground and she started struggling for air.  I could see the life draining out of her, and I literally torn the door apart getting her out from under it.  When I freed her, she was bloody and in bad shape.  After quick run to the vet’s office she was checked out, stitched up and sent on her way.  It was a horrifying few minutes while she was pinned there.

Another dog in our family fell into our pool just as 30″ of snow had fallen on the ground.  He didn’t see it anymore and walked right over the cover and went right through.  The cover that was supposed to hold an elephant couldn’t hold a ton of snow and one large Rottweiler.

My son and I ran out into the snow in our shorts and t-shirts.  I jumped right through the cover and found the dog.  He was standing in 2 feet of water looking a little surprised.  I lifted him up to my son who helped pull him the rest of the way out, and another pet disaster was averted.

What if that big boy had needed CPR?  There is a specific way to give pets CPR.  Please watch the video below just in the event you ever need it.  It may save your best friends life.