August 2012 Home Sales in Winchester, VA

August 2012 home sales in Winchester, VA are showing a new trend in short sales and foreclosed properties.  The total number of closed sales in August 2012 was 117.  Of that number, 25 were foreclosures and 16 were short sales.  Distressed properties made up 35% of the total closed sales for the month.

The trend is heading in the wrong direction from earlier this year.  The year started out with a nice declining trend of distressed homes.  The March 2012 numbers only contained 17% active/pending distressed properties.  As of August 31, 2012, distressed active/pending listings are up to 27%.  The ten percent climb in distressed properties is an ominous trend.

Available properties are up 22% since the mid-year inventory fell to 470.  There are now 604 active/pending properties in the Winchester, VA market. That overall increase may explain the increase distressed listings, but it is a trend that will need a lot of attention.  If you’re in the market for a great house at a discount, the distressed market is a great place to look.  It may take a little more patience to buy a short sale or a foreclosure, but the bargain prices make it worth the extra effort.  When you’re ready to buy, call your Cornerstone real estate professional, and we will walk you through the process.


I am officially certified. That’s not certifiable, but rather, certified.

I am officially certified.  That’s not certifiable, but rather, certified.  I did my bi-annual CPR certification renewal today.  The renewal is always full of new information relating to the latest trends in CPR delivery, and today was no different.

CPR is one of those things that most of us in the class hope we never have to do.  Ironically, of the four of us there, two have been called upon to deliver CPR twice, and one of guys has done it twice himself.  So, it’s better to be prepared than hopeless if a situation erupts.

There is one part of the class that a couple of us always hate to see coming.  We don’t like to see the CPRchild and infant section.  It’s one of those areas that every parent dreads happening, but it happens.  So, it’s better to be prepared than not.

When my older son was in his first two years we had an incident.  We were traveling back from a trip down south and about 50 miles from home, he started choking.  As soon as I heard the sound, I stopped the van, jumped out and ran around to his side.  I jerked open the door, pulled him out of his car seat and dropped him across my forearm, the item dislodged and he was fine.

It seemed like a hour went by, but it was probably less than a minute.  It was at that point, that I decided I would never let my CPR certification expire because the training paid a dividend that was very valuable to me.  It was so natural.  I acted as fluidly as if I did it all the time, and yet, looking back I realize that there was no emotion, no hesitation, no confusion, just action.

That’s what happens when you train and train and train.  When the event you’ve trained for happens, you act on instinct.  I would encourage you to get CPR certified or renew your certification if yours has lapsed, because you never know when you might need it, and it might be for someone you love.

Note to self. Things I’ve learned along the way.

Note to self. Things I’ve learned along the way.

Life is a learning experience, and most of us could write a book about the things we’ve learned along the way.  I have a few things I probably wouldn’t put in my book of life lessons, but they are important things I’ve learned.  Such as:

  • Never feed a gaseous dog broccoli.
  • TSA agents do not have a sense of humor no matter how hard you try.Thinking man
  • Do not drink a Coke while eating Mentos.
  • A cat is really, really hard to bathe.
  • I am not exempt from gravity.
  • Never wash reds and whites together.
  • Do not park under a power line.  Birds love to use your car for target practice.
  • If you post your phone number online, people will call you.  A lot of people will call you.
  • I retain ice cream.
  • No matter how good they taste, fish smell bad before, during and after you cook them.  Hours after.
  • A package will only be lost in the mail when it has to be there in 24 hours.
  • The Internet will go down just as you hit save on your blog.
  • You shouldn’t say everything that comes to mind.
  • Politicians are prone to amnesia right after elections.
  • A two hour project always takes 4 hours.
  • Your previous listing will sell within days of a new agent taking it over at your original suggested list price.  She is a genius and you were a moron.
  • A birthday or anniversary will only be forgotten if it’s a really big one.
  • Toast always falls butter side down.
  • Best of all, every day of learning is a good day. 



I’d like to speak to the manager

I’d like to speak with the manager

“I’d like to speak with the manager.”  The young girl who took that message looked terrified.  I’m sure a certain amount of concern ran through her mind.  Most employees don’t like to take those calls or have that question posed without some sense of where the next conversation is going to go.

A few minutes later, the manager showed up at my table and I proceeded to tell her what an great job her Waither on the runstaff was doing.  My wife and I had dropped into a Boston Market in Hagerstown, MD yesterday for a quick meal.  The staff, mostly young adults, were very busy, but they were on their game.  In the midst of a lot of activity, they were polite, helpful and efficient.

I think it’s just as important to tell their bosses when they do well as when they do poorly.  The manager was so relieved that we wanted to compliment the staff, rather than complain.  She proceeded to tell us that they had been running under-staffed all day.  It was comforting to hear a good report.  So, the next time you have great service, say, “I’d like to speak with the manager.”