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My little Volvo is dent magnet.  I’ve got to quit saying that, because it has become a reality.  I’m one of those people who parks his car in another county in order to keep people from banging the doors, and yet, they still find it.  It’s got to be a conspiracy.  Fortunately, I have Patriot Collision Center to put the blue bucket back in shape when it gets dinged.

I had the privilege of meeting Larry Howard, the owner of Patriot Collision Center, a little over a year ago when he called about a real estate need.  Larry is a great guy.  I found him to be a solid, honest and up front businessman, and I immediately wanted to see how we could do business together.  Well, we have a real estate relationship, and now we have a auto repair relationship.

Patriot Collision Center was nominated for the Excellence Award through CarQuest.  The CarQuest award is based upon technical expertise, customer relations and industry involvement.

The mission statement for PCC “is to provide excellent craftsmanship and an experience that exceeds customer expectations.  Our mission is to also to build long-term relationship with our employees, customers and strategic partners to ensure a strong business model for years to come.”

At Patriot Collision Center, you can be sure your car is repaired by experienced professional technicians.  Customers are requested to fill out a customer survey at the conclusion of the repairs.  The customer survey is a resource tool the company uses to learn ways to enhance the quality of its work while meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

If you have a car damage issue, give Larry a call.  He will give you a thorough understanding of what your car needs to get it back to top share.  Some repairs may be hidden in the engine compartment in the event of a front end collision.  Patriot’s skilled staff will find every area of damage so you can have confidence that your car is 100% when you drive off the lot.


Why do we do what we do?

Yesterday, I wrote a blog about the perils of working with incompetent bank departments, and a lot of readers shared their similar experiences.  I’m definitely not alone in my frustration with uncaring and foolhardy REO and short sale departments. They are voluminous.

Today, was a totally different day.  Today, I changed hats for the part of the day and went out into the electrical field with my son.  We took care of two projects before I headed into my brokerage office.  In both cases, the jobs went extraordinarily well, and in both cases, the clients were awesome.  We had a great time with both clients and it made me think of something.

A lot of us have written rants about our frustrations generated when dealing frustrated manwith banks.  There seems to be far too many bad experiences, and far too few good experiences, but that’s not what we should focus on.  We should focus on the whys.  Why do we do what we do?  Sure, it’s for money, but it’s more than that.  We do what we do for those great clients like I had today. 

We do what we do to help people get their needs met. Some people are in the dire straights of a short sale.  They need a lot of encouragement and attention.  There are those who are relocating and need to unload a house so they can buy a house.  Some are scaling back, and then there are those who are upgrading.   A family in mourning Lady in a wheelchairneeds to settle an estate, or a son or daughter needs to sell an aging parent’s home to fund a move into a nursing home.

Why do we do what we do?  For many reasons, not the least of which is to provide for our families, but beyond that we do what we do for great clients who have a need.  The incompetent banks are just a blip on the screen of history, but people with real needs will always be there, and they will always need us. That’s why we do what we do.

Reasons to Relocate to Winchester, VA

Winchester, Virginia is a great place to relocate to for many reasons, but here Winchester, VAare some of my favorite Reasons to Relocate to Winchester, VA:

  • Economics – Winchester gives you more bang for the buck. Housing and the cost of living is less expensive than Wincheste’rs Northern Virginia neighbors.
  • Access – Winchester is located at the top of Virginia just west of the Washington D. C. area. It hosts a series of major highways which make it a great hub for business and commerce. Those highways include, Interstate 81, Routes 7, 11, 50 and 522.
  • History – Winchester is full of history. From the founding of our country through the adventures of Admiral Byrd, Winchester played a role. The Winchester, VACivil War played out on the streets of Winchester City each day from the beginning to the end. Wikipedia offers a short synopsis of that period here.
  • Industry – Because of the great highways linking Winchester to West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC, industry is drawn to the area. Rubbermaid, Kraft Foods, World Pasta, Kingsdown Mattress, Dupont, Family Dollar Distribution, Home Depot Distribution, Khols Distribution, Hood milk products, Berryville Graphics and many more major U.S. companies have large production facilities in the area.
  • Academics – Winchester is home to Shenandoah University and Lord Fairfax Community College.  SU offers degrees in the fields of nursing, physical therapy, physician’s assistant, pharmacy, business, music, theater, sound recording and more. Students come from all over the world to attend SU. LFCC also offers degrees in many of these same fields and is a hub for Old Dominion University satellite studies.
  • Winchester Medical Center – WMC is a top-shelf medical facility supporting the top of Virginia/West Virginia area. With world class facilities, WMC offers many specialties and services. The facility also contains the Valley Health Wellness and Fitness Center. The fitness center is a state of the art medically based fitness center offering exercise programs, classes, personal training, weight loss and weight maintenance programs along with physical therapy and pre-operation preparation programs. Valley Health and Winchester Medical Center are the largest employers in the Winchester tri-county area.
  • Entertainment – The Winchester region hosts three world-class theaters, including, Winchester Little TheaterWayside Theater and the Shenandoah University Music Theater. The area offers year round productions to tickle your funny bone, strike your emotions and simply entertain you.
  • Schools – Winchester/Frederick County public schools are top quality in academics and sports. With four high schools and a wide variety of elementary and middle schools Winchester can meet the needs of any growing family.
  • Beauty – Winchester is nestled in the middle of the Blue Ridge and Valley-Ridge Appalachian Mountains. The mountains protect the area from the most severe weather, and they provide the citizens with a daily view that rivals any place in the US.
  • Quick Access to the Washington, D.C. Metro area. Many residents work with the government and other industries based in the Washington, D.C. Metro area. The short commute from Winchester makes the city a great bedroom community with all the benefits of a larger city but with few of the headaches of traffic and overcrowding.

They’re Off – Relay for Life, Winchester, VA – 2012

They’re Off – Relay for Life, Winchester, VA – 2012

And, there off!  The annual Relay for Life has started at James Wood High School in Winchester, VA.  The annual events draws teams from the area and beyond to support the American Cancer Society.

This year’s event includes 1141 participants, 72 teams and has raised $217,078 Relay for Lifedollars.  The team, W.I.N.G.S., came in first with their fund-raising at $30,492.00.  This team is a real estate client of mine, and they have passion for this event.

The Relay for Life is a overnight event where teams camp out and around a track.  Teams members take turns walking the track.  There is entertainment throughout the night.  Food is provided throughout the night.  The event begins with the Survivors Lap.  During that lap, cancer survivors join other survivors to walk that first lap together.  It’s an inspirational moment.

When it gets dark, there is the Luminaria Ceremony where people who have been touched by cancer, and in honor of those who lost their battle with cancer, are remembered.  Bags with candles illuminate the track.  Photos are attached to bags to represent those who are being remembered.  This lap is walked in complete silence.

The final event of the night is the Fight Back Ceremony.  This is a time to make a commitment to take action.  It may mean making a commitment to stop smoking, speak to an elected official about cancer and what can be done to help fight it or simply getting more involved in the fight through events like the Relay for Life.

It’s a great event in the Winchester, VA, area, and every year the community comes together to encourage the participants in a myriad of ways.  Won’t you consider getting involved in your community?