Pedal for the Pooches 2012 is just around the corner. Join us!

It’s that time of year.  The annual Pedal for the Pooches is just around Briggs Animal Adoption Center - Pedal for the Pooches 2012the corner.   On April 28, 2012 at 10:00 am, cyclists from far and near will be joining together to help support this wonderful facility.  The Briggs Animal Adoption Center hosts this annual event as a fundraiser to support their Charles Town, WV facility.

The great thing about BAAC is they don’t euthanize animals that show up on their doorstep.  They are an adoption center which offers housing and care for animals that are homeless.  They will take care of that pet until a “forever home” family adopts it.

Briggs Animal Adoption Center - Pedal for the Pooches 2012I’ve had the privilege to participate in the bike ride for most of the previous 10 years.  It’s a great first ride to the cycling season.  The course snakes its way through the WV countryside of farms and country roads.  It’s a rolling hills and flat terrain ride that is comfortable to riders of just about any skill level.Briggs Animal Adoption Center - Pedal for the Pooches 2012

The ride consists of five course distances of 9, 16, 21, 30, and 35 miles.  There is a rest station at the mid-way and turn around area.  The facility also provides roadside assistance to riders along the course.

This annual event is a great time to get out with friends and family.  The weather is typically cool, but not cold.  Be sure to sign up, and please consider throwing in a little extra to aid in their mission.


Foreclosures in Winchester, VA are Falling – April 2012

Foreclosures in Winchester, VA are falling.  The number of foreclosed Foreclosures in Winchester, VA are Falling - April 2012homes have fallen each month since the January 1, 2012.  The city of Winchester is up 3 foreclosures since April 1st, but that is a nominal increase.  It does not show a trend, but it is worth watching.

The Winchester / Frederick County area have 34 foreclosures available as of April 21, 2012.  Frederick County has 27 foreclosures, and Winchester only has 7.  Ironically, Winchester is up 43% since the beginning of the month.

Price ranges for foreclosures in the Winchester / Frederick County area vary widely.  Frederick Count foreclosures vary from $38,000 – $409900.  Winchester City foreclosures vary from $60,000 – $173900.

If you’re thinking a foreclosure might be a great way for you to buy a great home at a large discount, you better hurry.  The market is moving away from distressed properties to fair market properties.  Once that happens, prices will not only begin to creep up, but they will be harder to negotiate down.

Foreclosures in Winchester, VA are falling.

Available Foreclosures in Winchester, VA – April 2012

Available Foreclosures in Frederick County, VA – April 2012

Real Estate Trends in Winchester, VA – April 21, 2012

Real estate in Winchester, VA has only seen minor changes during the first three weeks of April.  The trend for 2012 has been a decline in distressed properties and an increase in fair market properties.  At the beginning of April, there were 582 available listings.  Today, there are 580 available listings.  That is a minor change, but it does hint at a slowing of the market.

Real Estate Trends in Winchester, VA - April 21, 2012

Real Estate Trends in Winchester, VA - April 21, 2012

Winchester has increased in foreclosures from 4 on April 1 to 7, three weeks later.  That may seem like a small number, but it is a 43% increase in lender owned properties.  Short sales in the city of Winchester have also increased by 1 from 11 on April 1st to 12 today.

Frederick County has seen a similar trend.  Foreclosures are up 18% from 27 to 33.  Short sales have followed an inverse trend from 43 to 40 from April 1 to April 21.  Can a trend be forming?  Is it a slower market?  Is it an increase in distressed properties.  It is hard to say at this point.  Three weeks is a small view of the current market, but one thing it does show is that real estate in Winchester, VA has only seen minor changes during the month of April.

Don’t Fall Into a Foreclosure Pit

Entering into foreclosure may feel like you’re falling into a foreclosure pitForeclosures in Winchester VAForeclosures in Winchester, VA have fallen to 9% of the current active listing market, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet.  Our previous 30 day marketing report included 51% distressed property sales.  Depending on the resource you use for your daily updates, the foreclosure market is either declining or increasing.  It’s no wonder that homeowners don’t know what to do.

Don’t fall into a foreclosure pit.  There are a few things a homeowner can do to avoid foreclosure.

  • Have you lost one or more sources of income?
  • Are you current on your mortgage payments?  If not, are you far enough behind that catching up would take a miracle?
  • Are you receiving letters from your lender encouraging a short sale or threatening foreclosure?
  • Have you become a prisoner to your mortgage?  You can’t take a vacation, save for college, pay your living expenses on time or sleep at night.
  • Has your home become a burden rather than a blessing?
  • Has maintaining your home caused your credit to begin a downward spiral?
  • Is keeping the home causing the family dynamics to become strained and combative?

Foreclosures in Winchester VAThis list could be longer, but you can easily see how an impending foreclosure could affect you and your family.  There are a couple ways to relieve yourself of a home that is heading for foreclosure.  You can contact your lender and offer a deed in lieu of foreclosure.  That basically means that you will voluntarily give the house back the lender and walk away.  The lender has to agree to the deed in lieu, and it is less expensive for them to accept the house under these conditions than it is to go through foreclosure.

Another option may be a short sale.  In a short sale, your lender allows you to sell your home at a discounted price.  Make sure you hire a short sale agent that has successfully navigated through the short sale process.  It is a tough decision to face, but if it comes to a short sale in Winchester, VA, call Cornerstone Business Group, Inc., and we will help you through the process.

Don’t fall into a foreclosure pit.  We can help you through this difficult time.  There are brighter days ahead, and we can help you get there.