Another Pedal for the Pooches is in the can.

Another Pedal for the Pooches is in the can.  The Briggs Animal Adoption Cyclists at the Pedal for the PoochesCenter sponsors the annual event as a means of support for their facility.  The center is a non-euthanize facility.  Their philosophy is summed up in this statement:

“Companion animals are sentient creatures who have intrinsic value in and of themselves. Therefore, our stewardship includes sanctity for their individual lives, and we will not participate in the killing of one animal in order to ‘make room’ for another animal. But rather, we will remain committed to each animal that comes into our care until such time as an appropriate adoptive home can be found, because this is part of the humane solution to ending animal suffering.” 

Signs on the route of Pedal for the PoochesThe annual cycling event is one of many fund-raising events the facility has been sponsoring since it opened in 2000.  It does your body good, it helps the animals and it makes your heart happy at the same time.  I would encourage you to give consideration to supporting Briggs or a similar facility in your community.  Animals are one of the few creatures that love you more than they love themselves.

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